Walkley winning journalist David Marr quits SMH

One of Australia’s most respected journalists, David Marr, has resigned from Fairfax Media’s Sydney Morning Herald.

Marr was one of the signatories of last month’s statement to shareholder Gina Rinehart, who is seeking seats on the board, on the importance of the company’s charter of editorial independence.

At the time, SMH economics editor Ross Gittins threatened to resign if Fairfax’ editorial independence was threatened. Marr said in interview with the Sydney Morning Herald last week “I love newspapers, I want newspapers to survive.”

Editorial director Garry Linnell said it was with “enormous regret” that he announced Marr had “chosen to mark his 65th birthday today by leaving us. David has had four stints at Fairfax and our publications. Our readers and our staff have been richer for it.”


  1. lexi
    13 Jul 12
    8:09 pm

  2. Props to David Marr. Much respect. A huge loss to Fairfax and its readers. Clearly a man with integrity.

  3. Vonnegut
    13 Jul 12
    9:34 pm

  4. Interesting to see who is left when they’ve done. But I would bet big money that they don’t get the savings they’ve promised gina

  5. Mike
    14 Jul 12
    9:36 am

  6. That’s it for the latte makers in Pyrmont!

    Speculation as to who gets the crown and sceptre has begun.

    These are torrid times in the Bermuda Quadrangle of the ALP, ABC, SMH & Greens.

  7. Jack B. Nimble
    14 Jul 12
    11:58 am

  8. David Marr is a superb writer and commentator, but I was astounded to learn that he was still full-time at fairfax until now. I figured he must have been a contributor, because Marr’s byline only ever seemed to pop up once a month, maybe once every three weeks if you were lucky, and then on some very long and in-depth but often lofty piece.

    Sorry but can Fairfax really afford those luxuries of such relatively low output for what I would presume to be a very high salary? It needs good content to justify the paywall and print price but there’s a point at which you have to draw the line. There’s affordable quality and there’s going beyond your means, producing something that’s more than needed, and I feel that a full-time Marr who turns in not much more than a dozen articles a year would fit into that category.

  9. Ann
    14 Jul 12
    1:39 pm

  10. The shift to the left would have been a factor in this and falling readership

  11. Andy
    14 Jul 12
    11:01 pm

  12. If Gina has her way and all the left-leaning writers leave, the charter of editorial independence is quashed, and the SMH becomes The Mining Gazette, how does this improve circulation numbers, and more importantly, paying subscribers? Way to go Gina..

  13. Cherie
    14 Jul 12
    11:12 pm

  14. I hope he still contributes and I think he will – he’s too good and too involved in what’s happening. Terrific writer, love him.

  15. Crikey
    15 Jul 12
    1:29 pm

  16. Can’t wait for the tell all details on Crikey

  17. shanti
    15 Jul 12
    8:56 pm

  18. I love his writing and wit, Hope he wll contribute in some other way

  19. Brian Adams
    16 Jul 12
    11:27 am

  20. Thank heavens one of the mostly left-leaning writers has quit SMH. Now, if only we could rid ourselves of the others the paper might, just might survive.

  21. PR Pro
    16 Jul 12
    11:56 am

  22. Vale to a wringing wet leftie. Hope this means he will disappear from Insiders too.

  23. Ben
    17 Jul 12
    8:14 pm

  24. I had no idea Marr was 65. he looks heaps younger

  25. Peter A
    17 Jul 12
    8:25 pm

  26. Oh No PR Pro. Whilst many often don’t agree with his political views, me included, it will be a great loss to have him disappear altogether.

    There are many sides to this complex character, David Marr. Passionate, compassionate, arrogant, witty, wise, entertaining, intelligent, thoughtful, insightful etc. and never boring.

    He looks like a rather young and active 65yo to me. I hope to see him around for a while yet.