Was Kekovich really treated with a frozen chop?

kekovich facebookA video uploaded by Channel 10 purporting to show Sam Kekovich being accidentally hit by a cricket ball is looking increasingly likely to be part of a guerilla marketing campaign for Meat & Livestock Australia after the personality tonight claimed on Facebook that he tended the injury with a frozen chop.

As Mumbrella reported on Monday, questions were raised about the authenticity of the video which purported to be part of a live cross featuring Kekovich and Ten’s weatherman Tim Bailey.

Ten was then revealed as the media partner for this year’s MLA Australia Day campaign which features Kekovich as its spokesman.

Tonight, Kekovich posted an image of himself on Facebook captioned: “Tiny Tim Bailey comes to my aid after some goose hit me in the scone with a cricket ball. I felt a bit better after I put a frozen chop on it.”

kekovich tim bailey

 Kekovich’s Facebook page has tonight already received dozens of messages from well-wishing fans who appear to believe he was genuinely injured.

kekovich reaction

MLA traditionally launches an Australia Day-focused campaign featuring Kekovich in the days running up to the national holiday. MLA’s ad agency in BMF with UM its media agency. Mumbrella has reason to believe that the video is part of a stunt connected to this year’s campaign.


  1. lucy-loo
    8 Jan 13
    8:50 pm

  2. Who cares – it was bloody funny!!

  3. bowled
    9 Jan 13
    12:00 pm

  4. Fake ‘viral’ videos. Seriously, what is this 2005?

  5. Jo
    9 Jan 13
    1:40 pm

  6. Particularly detested the fake live radio updates on Nova that were in conjunction with this pointing listeners to the video. Wish advertisers would stop trying to pose their messages as authentic news

  7. Encyclic!
    9 Jan 13
    1:53 pm

  8. Dear “The public”, this is how low some agencies rate your intelligence.

  9. Smedsta
    9 Jan 13
    9:08 pm

  10. There was no giant intent to make the video look real. If TEN had wanted the thing to look like a genuine incident, then they could have. It wasn’t intended for people to actually believe it, clearly it was all a joke!

  11. Mrs Kekovich
    9 Jan 13
    11:37 pm

  12. Seems like a bit of fun to me. A good old Aussie pisstake. Lighten up, not everything is about authenticity.