Why it’s smug Dan, this time he’s selling terracotta roof tiles

Dr Mumbo had a case of deja vu when viewing the latest TV spot for the Roofing Tile Association.

The talent looked very familiar but it wasn’t until Mumbrella had reason to write a piece about how one particular ad was annoying the heck out of everyone that Dr Mumbo realised, why it’s ‘smug Dan’ from that Jacob’s Creek ad.  

And does anyone else think he’s wearing the same shirt in both ads?

Actually, there are a couple of actors who seem to make a career out of appearing in ad after ad after ad.

That guy in the Sanitarium So Good spot with Delta Goodrem was everywhere at one stage – from selling lamb, to cars.


  1. SpankySpangle
    29 Apr 10
    4:36 pm

  2. Ha ha ha! Nice spot! I just wanted to say that the actor in the JC and tile ads is actually a really nice bloke. When I heard I was gonna work with him on a shoot I thought “oh no that annoying twat from the Jacobs Crack ads!” but he’s actually a lovely chap! Let’s have a bit of positivity eh?

  3. Al
    30 Apr 10
    1:57 pm

  4. i was thinking the same thing… at the moment the same guy is being used for unwired, coke and KFC commercials. its ridiculous!

  5. John Grono
    30 Apr 10
    1:58 pm

  6. They could have combined the two ads .. a night on the tiles with Dan!

  7. Lachyw
    2 May 10
    1:21 am

  8. Smug Dan – in another unbearably smug performance – is also in a Repco ad at the moment. However at this point it seems un-YouTube worthy.

  9. Ro
    2 May 10
    9:26 am

  10. He’s also his own boss on the ENZED ‘be your own boss’ franchising commercial. He’s smug in that too. reeeeeeallly smug.

    It IS the same shirt! I would never have picked that up, how funny lol. Is it just me or is Delta Goodrem doing a pretty good impersonation of a smug type these days? 😉