‘Smug bastard’: Is that the true character Jacob’s Creek was looking for?

Back in November, we revealed the new global ad for Jacob’s Creek which was created by Euro RSCG.

We also uploaded it onto Mumbrella’s YouTube channel, where it has since drawn more negative comments than any other ad we’ve posted.  

Each day, I receive an email update from YouTube on new comments on all the content we’ve posted. And each day I receive more on this Jacob’s Creek ad than anything else. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a consensus before: the world thinks that Australian wine drunkers are smug wankers, to say the least. It’s a somewhat depressing way to start each morning. Here’s the highlights:

BiggerBadderBrian  If that’s the definition of “having character” then I’m glad I’m a boring bastard. What a complete bunch of smug cunts with nothing interesting to talk about, trying to be cool! I too had to find it on Youtube just so I could see if anyone else found this ad as annoying as I did.

urgirlfriend14  cunts

ste43 What a smug bastard. Screw the actual wine I just wanna hit him with the bottle.

luketfox what a cuntface

ktkow Gawd, what a fucking awful ad!

tuftybox1821  Meant to be loveable but just comes across as a smug cunt. Unsurprising really as it would be some smug cunts in advertising who came up with the idea. They can’t see what a smug cunt he appears because he’s just like them and, being smug cunts, they think they’re great.

PrivateCustard The main guy in this ad is a cunt. Not really the best way to go about advertising something. This is just 30 seconds of smugness overload crap. Whoever the hell thought that this advert would PROMOTE their product and then signed it all off, should be minced, loaded into a rocket and blasted into the sun.

Garoldclurman  The terrifying thing is that in Australia, these people wouldn’t be thought of as insufferable little shit-stains.

arnielovesdorian Appalling cretinous cunts drinking a putrid excuse for a wine. The worst thing about this is that this ad has got people talking and given them a fair bit of exposure no doubt. I hope everyone who is responsible for this massive dogs abortion dies a painful AIDS related death.

• massdimatteo What a bunch of cunts.

• monsignor087 Truly the worst ad i have ever had the misfortune to endure i thought the go compare ad was bad but this is pure shite

• fineexcuses Smug knobheads with apparently very little to be smug about.

salari ‘True Character’? True cunt’s more like it! What a giant dildo, I had to find this on YouTube just so I could vent about it! If I were at that party, I’d smash that Jacob’s Creek bottle and jam it into his throat. Then I’d log into his account and tell his “495 online friends” that they’re all cunts for being his friend, and that he enjoys killing homeless people to get an erection. This gigantic TWAT!!!

richardc1975 fucking horrid whining aussies pretending to be intelligent. the prick holding court is the worst of the lot – “you’re so funny” Nah he’s not luv, he’s a fucking wanker, and so are you for showing up.

Globshite What a complete fucking cunt that bloke is. He needs to be savagely raped with that wine bottle whilst his equally detestable stable of middle class cunt friends need shooting too.Cunts!

pharrisonaga1 I’d just like to say whilst this entire party should be mown down by sustained machine gun fire, the ad may have started life as a good idea before today’s client, who all believe themselves to be award winning copy writers/directors/artists, got involved and asked that every one of these guests be pretentious middle aged marketing executives or Hoxton designers to reflect their desirable demographic. Who for the record would never be seen dead drinking this p*ss.

totallyradad there were more pricks in that ad than housewife would feel at a botox party. I laughed especially hard at 0:12 at the dude with the cardigan and video camera. Talk about a shit eating grin.

jasonhthompson I couldn’t believe how much I hated this fuckstick so pleased to see how many people agree!

jazrambo head smugasaurus

50percentfree AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH, I fucking hate that ad. I’m never getting drunk on that cheap glorified grape juice, not even if its 3 for 10 euros in tesco. …and you know who ‘s worse, that googly eyed frizzy headed munt with 2 eggs left u see at 10 seconds…

Primordeum Given the horror of this advert I’d say it has more in common with Jacob’s Ladder!

ravenflag Id smash a bottle on that cunt’s head. What a complete wanker.

kissmyhole2 I’ve got 495 online enemies; Beat that you prick!

croops TWATS!

Simbasingsong Jacob’s Creep!

bathtubgeorge just watched it again. what a geebag

bathtubgeorge Character? This guy comes across as a complete tit in this sorry advert.JC’s a generic characterless wine, this “character” is very fitting then I suppose. Ridiculous ad.

John27346 I’m a wino who used to drink JC among other things. After watching this, I would rather drink piss

archive303 This advert has done more so much damage to Jacobs Creek wine and Australians. Who after seeing this advert does not hate both

dwjp Oh dear lord he’s horrible

wyse99 The worst advert of all time. What were they thinking? What a self-obsessed, horror of a human being that guy is.

mariapicot NEVER MIND THE WINE…….i Fucking hate the characyers in this add, if i had lick your ass friends like that i would smack em and kick em out, ooeerr creepy people……..who made this advert? get real mate!

pixelfibre This is currently doing the rounds on British TV. It really brings on the vom’… It’s like that godforsaken ‘Windows party’ advert. Look at them all… It’s like they hate each other.

k0zzymodo About as good a character as Fred West

Jacob’s Creek also made The Mumbo Report’s turkey of the week.

Tim Burrowes


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