Wicked Campers hit by advertising watchdog for pot-smoker promo

A sales promotion by rogue advertiser Wicked Campers has fallen foul of the advertising watchdog, on this occasion for encouraging the smoking of cannibis while driving.

The internet promotion – which invites its young target market to enter the promo code IMSTONED – prompted complaints from the public that the caravan rental company was “encouraging dope addicts to drive caravans”.

Copy from the promo – which is still live despite the Ad Standards Board’s ruling that it should be discontinued – reads:

If you’re really naughty and enjoy an occasional spliff (even though it’s ILLEGAL) then call our Roadtrip Planners (they’ve been sniffing glue…but that’s not illegal) and tell them you’re a massive pot head…and we’ll give you a crazy discount on your campervan hire!

One complaint read: “Linking and condoning the use of mind altering substances to sell vehicle hire is totally inappropriate. It appears to encourage such behaviour while driving. In my view this ad is promoting behaviour likely to put all road users, including those it appeals to, at risk.”

Another complainant bemoaned the free publicity that Wicked Campers gets from “bad advertising”.

“Your prompt but private attention to this matter would be appreciated because this company seems to thrive on bad advertising that they get for free when things like this blow up in the media,” they said.

As is typical of the company – which has had more complaints made against it than most – Wicked Campers has not responded to the ASB’s determination that the promotion should be stopped.
Robin Hicks


  1. Rob R
    19 Feb 13
    11:31 am

  2. Damn that ad was effective, I just woke up in the back of a camper in Tumut with a bucket bong next to me…. All makes sense now… Anyone know where I can buy some Burger rings round here?

  3. missy
    19 Feb 13
    11:51 am

  4. DUDE! Wheres my Van??

  5. Groucho
    19 Feb 13
    11:54 am

  6. Reefer madness, see the Yanks were right. Next the earth will be hit by meteors and the idiots that complain about crappy advertising like this will turn into the horsemen of the apocalypse and slay the evil bastards that created it. I’m sure they mean people to stop driving before they smoke.

  7. Glampers
    19 Feb 13
    12:07 pm

  8. I’m sure they will just toke it on the chin.

  9. Circling sharks
    19 Feb 13
    12:40 pm

  10. I like these guys. Limited media spend so they raz the market and get them to do the work for them. And they keep doing it, and people keep falling for it. Fair play to them.

  11. AdGrunt
    19 Feb 13
    2:13 pm

  12. Good on Wikd – funnier than Dick Smith’s shock ads.

    This might amuse some, intrigue others, outrage drongos.

    TL; DW – CNN found stoned (and not drunk) drivers aren’t unsafe drivers.


  13. Beery
    19 Feb 13
    2:40 pm

  14. At least Dick Smith garned some community support, this idea was just stupid!