Pottery Barn set for Australian launch

Williams-Sonoma, the US retail giant that owns popular furniture chain Pottery Barn, is showing faith in Australia’s retail environment by opening its first stores outside the Americas in Sydney.

Currently, Williams-Sonoma sells its wares in Australia through e-commerce sites William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and West Elm. But the company is planning to launch all four brands in the Exchange Building in Bondi Junction.

PR for the company is to be handled by Baker Brand, which will also run advertising, events and experiential activity. Media is being handled by Ikon.

Though the brand will not disclose how much they plan to spend on media, its primary focus will be on magazines and catalogues.

The slated launch date for the stores is early 2013.


  1. Susie
    5 Sep 12
    8:54 am

  2. I’m excited! If it’s good enough Oprah it’s more than good enough for me!

  3. Sam
    5 Sep 12
    11:08 am

  4. This is wonderful news! Apart from being personally extremely excited, it’s great to see a retailer of superior American standard quality prepared to test the Australian market. Let’s just hope they don’t cruel it by using our ridiculously inequitable Australian pricing standards. I’m over being ripped off in my own country.

  5. Rodney A Smith
    5 Sep 12
    11:53 am

  6. Hopeful Pottery Barn will also have competitive ‘USA Style’ prices in Sydney. There are far to many off-shore retailers here charging over-inflated local prices. As consumers we are sick of this, which is one common factor driving on-line sales.

  7. Scary
    5 Sep 12
    1:04 pm

  8. Let’s call it … great news, but we hope they don’t fleece us like IKEA.

  9. Eric
    5 Sep 12
    2:48 pm

  10. This is fantastic news- as for price PB isn’t known as a low-cost provider of home goodies. They aren’t High-High end, but not cheap. Let’s see what happens.
    But nobody makes stuff you don’t need, but have to have better than them.