Woolies fights back in freshness war, Coles: ‘4/10 for effort, godda try harder’

Woolworths is defending its territory as ‘the Fresh Food People’ with a campaign promising to refund and replace food if customers complain that it isn’t fresh enough.

The supermarket’s ‘Fresh or Free guarantee’ campaign breaks today in newspapers. The offer allows customers to claim their money back and get fresh food items replaced if they produce a receipt.

“We’ve always been obsessed with fresh food. Now, we guarantee it”, reads the ad copy.

Woolies general manager Pat McEntee was quoted in the Sunday Telegraph today saying that the campaign was designed “to build confidence in the chain’s brand as the Fresh Food People.”

The campaign launches about one month after Coles moved into Woolies freshness territory with its ‘No freshness like Coles’ ad starring celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

Coles comms director Jon Church countered: “There’s nothing new in what they are saying. Our Coles Bran quality promise already refunds and replaces a product if a customer is unhappy; 4/10 for effort, but still lacks originality – so godda try harder.”

In the following weeks, Woolworths will have a new advertising agency having completed a review of its marketing arrangements last week. Droga5 is to replace M&C Saatchi, which has held the Woolies account for the last decade.


  1. Paul
    12 Mar 12
    2:06 pm

  2. ??? sorry..so they are saying that if they sell dodgy produce they will give me my money back?????………….have I missed something?

  3. AB
    12 Mar 12
    2:54 pm

  4. Paul, my thoughts exactly. What would have happened if you took back rotten produce in the past? I’m shopping at Aldi anyway. Low prices without the store war.

  5. Carole Goldsmith
    12 Mar 12
    3:46 pm

  6. Hmm, picked up mouldy bread at Coles, took it to the front desk and asked why they are selling it? Picked up a bag of grapes and blueberries at Coles, you guessed it, old and mouldy fruit in the bag ..took it to the manager and he said, oh I will check the others. Drrr – surely they should be checked before they go on display. Picked up a bag of oranges, yes a couple of mouldy ones….
    I will stick to buying my fruit and veg at the market, where I really get fresh fruit and veg.

  7. Jacob
    12 Mar 12
    6:33 pm

  8. I’d be a lot more impressed if either of them stopped routinely storing their fruit and veg for months or years before it hits the shelves.

  9. dave
    13 Mar 12
    12:28 pm

  10. For all the people who knock Ted’s work for Coles. Does this MASTERPIECE mean that M&C (if they did do it) are a better agency than Big Red? Or more creative?

    This work is without soul, direction or an idea. But who is out there bagging Woolies or M&C?

    The 4 freshness comments on here versus the vitriolic mass of comment on all of Ted’s work should say something, no?

    This ad is FIRMLY in line with my thought that creativity is not alive in this country…