Worse than the race riots? Or bloody hilarious? The ratings will decide

sophie vernesa shireTV that rates often polarises.

And Dr Mumbo suspects that Ten’s The Shire is going to go that way on Monday if the comment thread on its new YouTube teaser is anything to go by.

Fair to say that Sophie and Vernesa are tabloid stars whose moment is about to arrive.

youtube shire comment thread


  1. Deson
    11 Jul 12
    1:16 pm

  2. I think it’s nice that Channel 10 are giving the Big Brother 2012 rejects a show.

  3. Dan
    11 Jul 12
    5:21 pm

  4. And such nice, refined people who leave comments on YouTube.

  5. aa
    11 Jul 12
    10:33 pm

  6. comments disabled on this vid now…

  7. Dorothy
    11 Jul 12
    11:55 pm

  8. Funny how some of those comments are pretty similar to the ones on your articles today. I wonder how much of the shows budget was allocated to astroturfing.

  9. Australia's turn
    12 Jul 12
    9:20 am

  10. TOWIE down under

  11. Red Bean
    12 Jul 12
    1:14 pm

  12. It actually made me wonder how much of the Liberal Party’s budget is dedicated to commenting on Youtube. I’ve thought of plenty of people to blame for ruining the reputation of myself, my family and friends, but Minister Conroy is a new one!