Zoo’s graffiti cover

Men’s magazine Zoo Weekly have revealed what it claims to be Australia’s first graffiti cover shoot. Zoo editor Tim Keen said the cover is “everything Zoo is, cool, creative and sexy.”

The announcement:

7 November, 2011
ZOO Weekly is revealing Australia’s first graffiti cover shoot – with our most popular new model, L’elainia Newhouse, shot in front of a wall sprayed especially for ZOO by renowned graffiti artist, As One.
All the cover lines were sprayed or stencilled directly onto the wall. So unlike almost every other magazine on the market, this cover is all one image, with only the barcode added.
The wall took two weeks of planning, an hour of preparing the wall for paint, six hours of painting, eight cans of spray paint, and half a dozen interested onlookers getting slightly high on paint fumes and watching as our photographer shot the stunning Perth model in front of the freshly sprayed piece.
Covergirl L’elainia says: “It was unreal. I have never seen graffiti done in person before and the way he could just spray it on so easily was crazy. I struggle to draw a stick figure. I’m being serious, by the way.”
ZOO editor Tim Keen says: “This cover is everything ZOO is – cool, creative and sexy, and cheekily sticking two fingers up at tradition. It jumps out at you because it just looks so different to everything else out there – and we’re absolutely stoked with As One’s piece, and how the whole thing has come together.”
The graffiti issue of ZOO Weekly is on sale today (Monday November 7) with L’elainia’s complete graffiti shoot inside, as well as the best street art in Australia and a bone-crunching UFC knockouts special.
A time lapse video of how the cover came to life can also be seen on  Zoo Weekly.

Source: Zoo Magazine press release


  1. Able Kay
    7 Nov 11
    6:09 pm

  2. As One??? never heard of her…

  3. lad
    8 Nov 11
    8:05 am

  4. As One is from Scotland, been in syd last couple years.

  5. Brickos
    8 Nov 11
    11:29 am

  6. Burner lad

  7. zunter
    8 Nov 11
    12:00 pm

  8. he has a website up http://www.styledepth.com he’s been writing a long time I think but not in Sydney

  9. Anonymous
    9 Nov 11
    12:20 am

  10. street art is cool right?
    street art on my kmart boardshorts
    street art on my pencil case

  11. Mark
    15 Nov 11
    10:24 pm

  12. Of all the incredibly stylish and famous graffiti writers this country has to offer this is who they used?

    They could of picked an artist some Zoo readers may be familiar with to try and leverage some credibility.

    What did this do for Zoo, if you don’t pick a cool artist there’s no hope of it being seen as cool.