Batman beats The Avengers in survey of most popular DVDs released in Australia this year

The story of a billionaire orphan who dresses as a bat to protect his city has beaten the story of a billionaire who dresses as a robot while he protects Earth in a ranking of the most popular DVDs released in Australia this year.

Batman film The Dark Knight Rises beat The Avengers to the top spot on Quickflix’s top 10 list. The DVD and streaming video service has over 100,000 members, with members able to rate any film on the site with a score out of five.

Ranking third was Australia’s The Sapphires, produced by Goalpost Pictures’ Rosemary Blight and Kylie De Fresne and directed by Wayne Blair.

Meanwhile, the lowest scoring film was The Deep Blue Sea, written and directed by Terence Davies and starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston.

Three Australian films made it into the bottom ten; Iron Sky in fifth place followed by A Few Best Men in sixth, and Swerve in ninth place.

All films had to have had a theatrical release to be considered, with only films receiving over 50 votes eligible to receive an average.

Simon Miraudo, Quickflix’s content executive said: “It’s hard to argue with the top spots going to The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, two supremely satisfying popcorn flicks – the same goes for The Hunger Games a little further down. The Sapphires did well to rate so highly, considering. I was a little saddened to learn my favourites of the year – Margaret, The Master – weren’t nearly as adored as Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – really? – but that’s just how the analytical cookie crumbles.

Of the Bottom Ten, Miraudo said: “It’s interesting to see such prestigious fare as The Deep Blue Sea and Coriolanus take the top spots. Though I’m not a fan of the former, I wouldn’t dare rank it over something like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 or Project X. Three Aussie films in the bottom 10 was also a surprise – especially considering they weren’t Bait, Housos vs. Authority, or Kath and Kimderella. Most disheartening was seeing my beloved Ghost Rider 2 at number 8. Any movie where Nicolas Cage pees on fire and Idris Elba plays a French monk should be saved from burning in the wicker man.”

The Avengers finished its box office run on $53.25m, the third highest grossing film of all time, while The Dark Knight Rises had the fourth highest opening weekend in Australian history, according to the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia.

Quickflix Top Ten (with average score):

  1. The Dark Knight Rises (4.1)
  2. The Avengers (4.04)
  3. The Sapphires (4.02)
  4. Brave (3.84)
  5. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (3.83)
  6. The Lady (3.79)
  7. The Hunger Games (3.72)
  8. The Lorax (3.69)
  9. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (3.69)
  10. Ice Age 4 (3.68)

Quickflix Bottom Ten:

  1. The Deep Blue Sea (1.9)
  2. Coriolanus (2.35)
  3. The Devil Inside (2.37)
  4. Bel Ami (2.38)
  5. Iron Sky (2.49)
  6. A Few Best Men (2.54)
  7. The Darkest Hour (2.66)
  8. Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance (2.68)
  9. Swerve (2.68)
  10. One for the Money (2.76)


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