Born proud: Influencer collabs beyond the rainbow

As Sydney's Mardi Gras celebrations approach, Born Bred Talent and Creative's talent managers, Daniel Drijovski and Campbell Robertson, stress the importance of using Aussie LGBTQIA+ creators for campaigns all year-round, not just during Pride season.

For years now we’ve seen more and more brands actively seeking to include the trans and queer community in their campaigns. As the LGBTQIA+ community continues to further enhance education and drive awareness to the importance of being part of the LGBTQIA+ community, we as an industry need to ensure that we drive the ongoing conversations that enhance and allow more inclusive and diverse campaigns.

When it comes to influencer marketing, embracing the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t just about implementing a rainbow on a logo during the month of Pride but more so, about authentic connections, breaking stereotypes, and amplifying voices that deserve to be heard all year round.

We should be recognising the unique perspectives that our trans and queer talent bring to the table and make sure their voices aren’t just a seasonal trend.

Brands might think the best way to appeal to the community is by giving us an item of clothing with the rainbow flag on it, but there are more meaningful ways to connect and make an impact, say Taz and Alessia, Australia’s #1 followed lesbian couple on TikTok and avid thought leaders on the content creator landscape.

Look beyond the rainbow flag and consider things like equal pay and opportunities for LGBTQIA+ content creators, creating a safe space at events ensuring everyone there is an ally and working with creators outside of Pride campaigns.

At Born Bred Talent, we push the boundaries, reach for the bold and aim to diversify all year round. For us, fostering a sense of authenticity and respect among all our communities is where we aim to drive education for brands to break the mold.

Additionally, queer content creators aren’t here for exposure alone and there is more to them than just their sexual orientation. They bring creativity, authenticity, and a fiercely LOUD audience. We’re encouraging all brands to look beyond the rainbow and consider that we’re not just a checkbox for brands to tick off; we’re people at the end of the day who deserve as much opportunity as the rest of the creator community.

A selection of Born Bred’s queer creators

More often than not, our trans creators are overlooked and under-represented outside of Pride campaigns. It is essential that we start having conversations, or in instances where there have been conversations continue to have them.

Many brands approach Pride collaborations merely as token gestures rather than genuine collaborations. This is particularly relevant for transgender influencers, who often endure harassment, discrimination, and violence. Which may result in brands choosing not to collaborate with them compared to gays and lesbians due to fears of backlash. What is important is ongoing allyship from brands, they can amplify the voices and experiences of the community, paving the way for more inclusive representation in influencer marketing that extends beyond Pride month.

The conversations surrounding trans and queer talent should extend beyond Pride Month and Pride campaigns. It’s about incorporating their voices and creativity into every day campaigns, to make diversity a constant, not an exception. By engaging with queer content creators year-round, brands can remain culturally relevant but also contribute to the change we need to see and shatter stereotypes, leading to more inclusivity.

Daniel Drijovski and Campbell Robertson are talent managers at Born Bred Talent and Creative.


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