Brisbane Council partners with Goa to send emergency signals to community

Goa has partnered with Brisbane City Council to alert the community to regional disasters and emergencies.

The Brisbane City Council’s new partnership aims to help warn local residents during emergencies

Brisbane City Council will use The Goa Grid network to deliver emergency alerts within 60 seconds, which will allow the council to communicate to more than 500,000 people through the digital billboard network.

The partnership aims to warn residents and keep the community safe in extreme cases of emergency such as natural disasters.

Chris Tyquin, CEO of Goa said the ’emergency civil alerts’ will activate when the council needs to urgently notify the region.

“The emergency civil alerts will be activated in instances where the administration need to notify as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, to avoid situations that are potentially life threatening.

“We see this initiative as powerful aid in any future disaster periods as well as promoting a general aura of safety with near-immediate informative announcements,” Tyquin added.

Lord Mayor of Brisbane City Council Graham Quirk, said the initiative was a good addition to the council’s devices used to help residents during weather or emergency.

“Disasters can strike with little or no warning and this partnership with Goa will be essential to keeping Brisbane residents and visitors informed and safe in the event of a local emergency,” Quirk said.



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