Bureau of Meteorology opens up to online advertising

BOMOne of Australia’s most read government websites, the Bureau of Meteorology, is to allow advertising on its website for the first time.

Digital Network Sales is one of the companies to be awarded a contract to manage a one year trial of online advertising for the Bureau.

“Since this is the very first Government Department to allow commercial online advertising, we believe advertisers will gain significant awareness,” said Jeff Glazer, director at PermissionCorp, which owns DNS.

“On average, BOM users spend around 16 minutes on site, offering advertisers a compelling opportunity to increase exposure.”

The trial by the Bureau follows cuts to their funding in last year’s Federal Budget.

Government agency The Bureau of Meteorology  said any advertising on its website must meet strict standards and will have to meet an online advertising policy was developed and reviewed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The Bureau’s website is one of the most frequently visited sites in Australia, with 3.3 billion page views each year. At any time there are an estimated 25,000 unique users on the site.

Nic Christensen 



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