Celebrity confessionals in youth charity campaign

Confessionals from TV personalities and senior business people about mistakes they made in their youth is the idea behind a charity campaign for troubled young people, created by BMF.

Whitelion, a charity that provides mentoring to troubled youth, aims to look under the veneer of Australia’s most successful people to show the mistakes made in someone’s youth does not define them for life.

The campaign includes TV personalities Angry Anderson and David Koch, and encourages businesses to become ‘fresh start employers’ by helping young Australians who have been involved in the youth justice system into employment.

The video is backed by a website, where supporters can add their own anonymous confessionals to be added to a gallery.

A Sydney-based mobile confessional booth will also encourage young people to share their problems.

Mark Watt, Whitelion CEO, said: “Young people need our support to show them that no matter what obstacles they have faced, they can work towards a positive future. We are asking the business community to support this campaign by providing young people with employment opportunities that will change their lives.”

In a statement, Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro, BMF’s joint ECDs said: “We all make mistakes, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have the right help, or just any help. Engaging people by asking them to confess their past mistakes has been challenging but really rewarding.”



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