‘Christchurch reimagined’ campaign to lure Aussies back to quake-hit city

Christchurch Mayor and former This Is Your Life host Bob Parker

An ad campaign to bring Australians back to earthquake-hit Christchurch is to launch in two weeks with the slogan ‘Christchurch reimagined’.

In a multi-phased campaign kicking off on 24 September, the city’s mayor and former TV show host Bob Parker is to feature in the first wave of advertising with a focus on how Christchurch has changed in the wake of the earthquake of February 2011.

Parker was the host of the original version of New Zealand’s version of This is Your Life in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism CEO Tim Hunter said at an event today that “new images of Christchurch will be the primary driver of perception change.”

“The texture and attitude of Christchurch is returning,” he said.

Campaign logo

The campaign will not avoid referring to the disaster, which claimed 185 lives, but will focus on now the city looks now, with attractions such as the distinctive pop up bars in the centre and attractions outside the quake-hit CBD.

The campaign has been created by Iris Sydney, which won the ‘most challenging brief of 2012’ after a competitive pitch involving 50 agencies at the beginning of July.

International tourist visits to Christchurch fell from 3.2m in the year leading up to the February 2011 disaster to 2.26m over the next year.

Australian arrivals at Christchurch airport fell by 19% over the same 12 month period, according to a story in the Herald Sun today.



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