Dr Mumbo

How not to be a “copycat”

Dr Mumbo congratulates the Mail Online on its new plans to launch an Australian operation and hire as many as 50 journalists. However, he notes that coincidentally the UK publisher and Mi9 chose the exact 6 month anniversary of The Guardian’s Australian launch to make its announcement.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.20.28 PMWithin minutes of the announcement The Guardian’s Australian editor Katharine Viner tweeted that the new operation were “copycats”. A claim swiftly rejected by Martin Clarke the Mail Online’s UK publisher.

But it appears Ninemsn editor-in-chief Hal Crawford didn’t quite get the memo…

The editor-in-chief of sister website Ninemsn waxed lyrically at a press conference this morning about how positive the deal would be for the Mi9 network but then praised the wrong UK publication.

“This is awesome for the network,” Crawford told a room full of reporters. “The achievement of The Guardian worldwide is absolutely phenomenal. You guys asked why we will be successful here it’s because The Guardian…”

Gracefully at this point Clarke stepped in to correct him.

Clearly no copycats here.



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