Matterhorn turns Spotlight on child abuse with cinema campaign highlighting hidden victims

1in4.comOscar nominated film, Spotlight, has returned attention to Australian public service campaign,, created by Sydney agency Matterhorn for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) a year ago.

ASCA is using the Hollywood film, Spotlight, which tells the story of a newspaper team uncovering and reporting on systemic child abuse in the Catholic church, as a vehicle for its message, which is that 1 in 4 adult Australians has survived some form of child abuse.

Val Morgan is supporting the ad placement in screenings of the film, with the assistance of Playfilms, Facebook and Edge DP.

Matterhorn co-founder, Matt Kemsley, said the release of Spotlight provides a fresh platform for the ASCA campaign to once again raise awareness.

“Cinema is an incredibly powerful way to reach an engaged audience and given Spotlight’s confronting and moving story, it is the perfect place to reach out and seek people’s understanding and help,” Kemsley said.

The campaign is being used to drive people to ASCA’s Facebook page. “Showing the ASCA ad before…Spotlight provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the broader societal issue of childhood trauma – in the home, family and neighbourhood,” ASCA president Cathy Kezelman said.

In association, website prompts users to log-in using their Facebook account so they can see via graphic presentation how many of their friends may be victims of abuse as well as providing a portal to make charitable donations.

Simon Canning



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