Max Markson – editing Naomi Robson’s Wikipedia profile was my job

Publicity man Max Markson says he has no regrets about his attempts to edit negative coverage out of his client Naomi Robson’s Wikipedia profile.

As Mumbrella revealed yesterday, Markson was behind a series of edits, excising notorious incidents from the profile of the former Today Tonight presenter.  

They included an infamous episode where she presented coverage of Steve Irwin’s death with a lizard perched on her shoulder. Also deleted by Markson was the story of Robson’s detention in Indonesia when the Today Tonight team was involved in a race to save a boy they claimed was about to be killed by cannibals.

Wikipedia is based on crowd sourcing, allowing users to write and edit entries. Most entires are unlocked, allowing anybody to make changes, although if they do become controversial, then they can be locked so only Wikipedia moderators can make changes.

Last week Markson deleted about three-quarters of the profile while addign prominent mention of her charity work. He told Mumbrella he did so at the request of Robson who had been upset by its existence.

Robson is looking to relaunch her career with a web-based chat show.

Markson said:”There was libellous content and a lot of it wasn’t properly sourced so it had to be sorted. The stuff up there was such rubbish.”

“I’m a spin doctor. I’m doing my job.”

After Mumbrella’s story about the changes was published, Wikipedia editors restored most of the material that had been deleted citing the reason as the changes being “possible vandalism”.

Ironically, Robson’s Wikipedia profile now also contains the story of the edit war.



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