Media owners warned: start meeting video standards or lose our business

Media agency Ikon Communications has given online publishers four weeks to meet industry standards for video players or be dropped from its schedule.

If publishers are not VAST – Video Ad Serving Template – compliant by April 1, Ikon has warned that they face losing its clients’ business.

Ikon now allocates 15% of its TV budgets to buying online video ads.  

Advertisers and agencies prefer dealing with VAST-compliant sites and advertising networks because they can use their own adserver, which allows them to track progress of a campaign and control the number of times an ad is played to the same consumer, rather than be forced to take a publisher’s word for how often a video played. Ikon uses Mediamind as its video ad server.

Ikon’s head of digital video Sandra Wee said: “The beauty of digital is that it is measurable. If we aren’t tracking our digital video through a third party, then agencies have an incredibly limited view on reach and frequency. It is vital that we have complete visibility around reach and verification that ads have run. This is why we will only be trading with VAST compliant video publishers by the first of April.”

Wee warned: “Currently the majority of the Australian digital broadcast industry  is not served through an ad server, which means agencies rely on publisher reports and are not able to view campaign reach holistically.”

The VAST standard was developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

It allows advertisers to access their own information on data such as dwell time, publisher duplication, video completion rate, reach and frequency.

The standard also allows for the creation of a single format for video ads, rather than agencies having to repurpose work depending on the media publisher.

VAST compliant publishers so far include the Microsoft media network and Fairfax Digital.

Others due to become VAST compliant in the next few weeks include the Adconion network, NineMSN, Yahoo7, Ten Digital and SBS.



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