Mel Gibson movie Get The Gringo debuts weakly at box office

Mel Gibson action-thriller Get The Gringo debuted with a whimper at the Australian box office this week.

The Adrian Grunberg-directed film, which is being distributed by Icon Film in Australia, took $340,000 for an average of $2,242 – although it had a modest release on just 152 screens.

Chick flick What to Expect When You’re Expecting enjoyed a stronger debut, but failed knock Men In Black III off the top spot. The Roadshow-distributed Jennifer Lopez vehicle was shown across 305 screens – double the exposure of Get the Gringo – and took $2.431m gross for a $7,971 average.

Men In Black continued to draw a big audience, adding another $3.605m in its second weekend to its first weekend run of $5m, according to the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia.

Across 596 screens, the $3.6m taking averaged $6,049 per screen for the Will Smith film which has to date grossed $10.05m.

The Avengers has muscled into the sixth highest grossing film of all time at the box office.  following a weekend that saw it take another $1.774m. The Walt Disney-distributed film now stands at $49.316m after taking $1.774m across the 390 screens for a $4,551 screen average.

In limited release, Australian film Wish You Were Here, directed by Keiran Darcy-Smith and distributed by Hopscotch, was bumped from the top spot by Bollywood action film Rowdy Rathore. Wish You Were Here added another $80,914 to its $1.306m.

Another Australian film, Careless Love, directed by John Duigan and distributed by Antidote Films, took $8,074 across eight screens for an $1,009 average for $21,658.

Distributed by Mindblowing Films, Rowdy Rathore debuted at $91,366 across 15 screens for a $6,091 as French film Declaration of War, distributed by Palace Films took 48,900 across 16 screens for a $3.056 average.

Sharmill’s screenings of Wagner’s Dream across 17 screens took $32,070 for an average of $1,886, while Once Apon A Time in Anatonia took $23,677 across four screen for a $5,919 average while Madman’s Eames: The Architect and The Painter took $7,904 across just the one screen.



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