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MLA ‘Operation Boomerang’ outrage – what they really said… really

When an ad sets new records for complaints Dr Mumbo is always interested in what has made people so angry.

Meat and Livestock Australia’s Operation Boomerang is just such an ad, drawing more than 600 complaints and in the interests of helping inform the debate we present our selection of the top 20:

Ashley Madison Billboard Sydney mumbrella

Animals die for meat consumption. Ashley Madison – no one dies. Big difference. Please ban.

It is disgusting that they would use Australia Day to attack people who don’t wish to feed upon the flesh of the dead.

The advertisement displays a blatant colonial amnesia.

The ad is offensive in many ways. It offends the holocaust Jews of Poland, vegans, vegetarians and the animals that are killed for this product.

As above. Sorry. I’m doing this in my phone and it’s difficult.

How would MLA feel if there was a copy-cat crime based on this ad, where angry meat-eaters torch the apartment of a vegan they dislike?

Lamb-mla flamethrower-complaint-468x209-1

Two very well known morning shows have now singled out vegans, too, and offended every single one on Earth, again, on national television.

Kidnap. Glamorising intelligence/armed services black-ops. Promoting hatred & depicted violence against people who did not consume advertised product.

Given that we are currently in the middle of bushfire season, the torching of the vegan’s kale is in poor taste as well. This scene may very well be triggering for certain individuals.

Apart from Australia Day being an inherently racist, anti-Indigenous, self-congratulatory, slaps-on-backs festival of bogans, thongs and let’s not forget, white colonialist pride, this ad goes beyond the realms of offence, carving out a niche of its own.

It projected vegans as bearded, unprofessional, weak-willed hippies who cower in the corner.

Burning someone alive because they are Vegan is akin to something a terrorist would do.

Lamb campaign special forces

Where do I start?

It is trying to almost ‘frighten’ Australians into believing that their SURVIVAL depends on meat (view the almost post-apocalyptic war-zone environment in the first minute or so of the ad). This is UTTER GARBAGE – I have survived, with greatly improved and EXCELLENT health that even doctors have expressed amazement at, since becoming first vegetarian, then vegan, decades ago.

Watch Cowspiracy. It’s available on Netflix.

The incitement to violence and scorn toward vegans, especially as portrayed by LEE LIN CHIN – the scum of the earth!!!!

I think it defiles Indigenous Australians by calling it operation “invasion”. Many indigenous people call it ‘Invasion day’.

Not eating animals, particularly lamb is not UN-AUSTRALIAN and anyone that doesn’t eat lamb does not deserve to be blow-torched.

I understand you can’t remove an ad simply because it is crazy having advertisements that are encouraging eating the bodies of innocent baby animals.


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