Dr Mumbo

‘A koala hiding a hangover’: Twitter’s new Australia Day emoji

If it doesn’t have an emoji it didn’t happen seems to be the rule these days.

So Twitter has launched a new emoji for Australia Day, a koala wearing sunglasses.

It’s already getting feedback with one person suggesting the koala might be hiding a hangover. And what’s moreAustralian than that?

australia day emoji hangover

The icon will appear whenever you tweet using the hashtag #AustraliaDay on the social network.

However Dr Mumbo can’t help but feel the new emoji which seems to be applied retrospectively to all tweets using #AustraliaDay does take away from the gravitas of some of those messages somewhat:

australia day emoji elizabeth broderick ABC news australia day emoji

A quick look under that hashtag shows there are a couple of other contenders which should have been thrown into the mix, including this one:

australi day emoji suggestion
Or why not just use a cute pic of a koala as the aptly named Emojipedia suggests:australia day emoji sugestion 2



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