NBN campaign urges Australians to discover their ‘side hustle’

The drive to convince Australians of the benefits of the NBN has taken on a new hue, with people earning money on the side through web-enabled businesses acting as ambassadors for the brand.

The new NBN "Side Hustle" campaign is based on research showing more people are finding secondary sources of income.

The new NBN ‘Side Hustle’ campaign is based on research that revealed that more people are finding secondary sources of income online

The campaign focuses on a digital marketing manager for Tourism Tasmania who has developed a photography sideline, and a business consultant who has launched an online magazine, The City Lane.

The two ads feature both people talking about how a hobby and a passion has turned into a “side hustle”.

Opening with the line “A bit on the side (Hustle)”, the NBN promoters talk about their day jobs briefly before explaining how their hobbies had grown to become an important part of their lives.

They then both go on to extol the virtues of the NBN and how they could not have had success without it.

“High speed internet, particularly with the NBN Network, has allowed me to really experiment and play with emerging technologies and that’s a huge part of everything that I do with photography and content creation,” landscape photographer Tassiegrammer says.

The campaign is being supported by a blog and has been anchored in research by the NBN which claims more Australians are now finding secondary sources of income online, either through hobbies or developing businesses.

“If you’re like many Australians, you’ll be making the most of your spare time to set up what’s known as a side hustle,” the blog says.

The campaign has been created by One Green Bean. It follows on from a campaign launched last year by BWM Dentsu that showed how two hearing-impaired friends were using the NBN to stay in touch.



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