Top blogger said she is ‘surprised’ no brand has ever asked for evidence of campaign reach

A leading blogger has said she has never been asked by an agency to provide hard proof of either her audience or the reach of a campaign.

The panel (l-r): Detch Singh, co-founder, Hypetap; Amy Luca, marketing director, VAMP; Sam Jockel, blogger, School Mum; Sophie Blachford, head of brand development, Instagram Australia; Pru Quinlan, CEO, Einsteinz

Speaking at the CommsCon conference in Sydney, Sam Jockel, creator of the popular School Mum blog, said: “I am surprised no-one has ever asked me for screenshots either of who followers currently are or how a campaign did.

“It’s just me filling out a form I was sent, which I could put anything on if I wanted to.”

Speaking on a panel looking at how to track the return on investment in influencer spend, Jockel said no-one had ever asked her for a breakdown of where her audience was from, joking she could be huge in the US with only 5% of an audience in Australia.

school mum blog“The question is how did that following get built to begin with,” she added. “If it was from a viral video of a puppy doing something there’s a good chance most of that audience isn’t in Australia, as something can’t really go viral here.”

Looking at how much brands should be paying for influencer content, Amy Luca, marketing director for VAMP, said brands had to remember they were buying access to a media channel, which carries a monetary value.

She added: “The real thing is the creativity factor. There is a creative product our best influencers are creating and there’s a sliding scale because of that. It performs better because it’s a creative product. That’s why we treat influencers as talent.

“The best influencers aren’t posting 10 times a week for a brand, and you’ll pay a premium for that.”

School Mum’s Jockel said: “We’re content creators, it’s not just putting a picture on Instagram it is content on our site.

“It may involve things like camping trips with families for whole weekends. We may have to spend a week or more on that content, then when you’ve got it what do you do with it? We may spend a week or month amplifying that content.

“Our average Facebook reach is 2.3m, that’s how many people watch Sunrise. How much would they pay for that?”

Alex Hayes



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