Race relations, politics and pop culture focus for new SBS show Legally Brown

Nazeem Hussain has written a  "daring" comedy series Legally Brown for SBSA comedy series called Legally Brown, written and hosted by Nazeem Hussain, has been announced today, with the promise it will be daring and boundary pushing.

The series was created by Southern Star Entertainment and will be 10, 30-minute episodes that focus parodying Australian culture, including race relations, local and international politics and pop culture.

“I’m really excited to be working with such a talented crew on Legally Brown. With their proud history of diverse comedy, SBS is definitely where it belongs. Legally Brown is the perfect excuse for me to wear silly costumes and play ridiculous characters under the guise of addressing serious social issues,” said Nazeem Hussain.

Legally Brown will be filmed in Sydney and broadcast on SBS1 later in this year.

Tony Iffland, SBS’s Director of TV and Online Content said: “From the network that brought Australia Housos, South Park and Wilfred, Legally Brown is the sort of boundary pushing content SBS is known and loved for.  With its bold, topical humour it’s the sort of confronting content we know our audiences will embrace. It is a unique series that will tap directly into Australians’ broad sense of humour and a series only SBS would be brave enough to offer. We are pleased to be able to support this production which shows our commitment to taking creative risks.”

Southern Star Entertainment Executive Producer, Johnny Lowry, said: “We are thrilled to be bringing such a unique comedic voice to SBS. Nazeem has established a devoted following over the past few years, and Legally Brown is the perfect opportunity to build on this. His fearless and confronting humour will certainly strike a chord with the Australian audience.”



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