Social media agency slams Facebook benchmarks as ‘rubbish’, launches new benchmarks

Content and social media agency The Conscience Organisation has released what it claims are Facebook marketing benchmarks the industry should be adhering to.

The figures are, according to TCO, a measurement of Facebook community management success.

Founder Clive Burcham told Mumbrella: “TV has ratings, magazines have circulation figures and IAB has figures for digital, but there’s no benchmark in social other than those created by Facebook itself and agencies setting their own for clients, which are generally rubbish.”

TCO Facebook report

“We need some formality and rigour across the industry to deal with snake-oil salesmen and help clients get more bang for their buck. It’s a nuanced tactical environment. We’re all learning and those learnings change every few months. It’s time to let the cream rise to the top.”

TCO’s standards suggest that use engagement should range from 16.6% to 27.2%, and percentage of fans talking about a brand should range from 10% to 17%, compared with a Facebook average of 5%.

The figures have been released at the same time as Online Circle’s engagement figures for July.

The report rates engagement by sector, with banks and finance rating highest.

  1. Banks:  8.6%
  2. Trave- accomodation: 7.2%
  3. Retail grocery: 5.1
  4. Energy / utilities: 3.8%
  5. Department stores: 3.7%
  6. Retail / fashion: 3.4%
  7. Automotive: 3.3%
  8. Travel – airlines: 2.8%
  9. Pharmaceutical – 2.2%
  10. FMCG snackfoods: 2.1%Online Circle FB report


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