‘Scum’ attack on Greenpeace campaigner linked to paper company Solaris

Days after Solaris took out full page ads claiming it wanted to engage constructively with Greenpeace over protecting Sumatran tigers, computers linked to the paper giant have been used to post abusive and personal comments about the campaigning organisation, Mumbrella can reveal.

The comments include calling a Greenpeace campaigner “scum” and suggesting that management of superstore chain IGA who hail from overseas should “go home” after cancelling a contract with the paper company.

Greenpeace put IGA in the firing line last month after a tiger died on land owned by Solaris owner Asia Pulp & Paper.

IGA has stocked toilet paper made by Solaris but the supermarket’s owner Metcash cancelled the contract as a result of the Greenpeace campaign.  

Solaris defense adEarlier this month Solaris – which is being advised by public relations agency PPR – took out full page newspaper ads saying the attacks were unfair and that it was trying to “sit down and talk about solutions to the problem” with Greenpeace.

After Mumbrella reported the story, an early comment came from somebody describing themselves as “Lover of Country”.

As well as describing Greenpeace as “the worst people in the world”, the commenter said of IGA:

“And on top sadder still people like IGA drop companies like Solaris the second Greenpeace say anything. Where is there any courage in this world? As a woman, I have no respect for the lack of testicles shown by the IGA management. To all you South AFricans running the show there, WE LOVE BRAVE AND STRONG MEN IN AUSTRALIA SO GO HOME. I will be shopping at Aldi from now on. I won’t give my business to anyone who lays down at the feet of Greenpeace and their lies.”

After becoming suspicious of the large number of comments hostile to Greenpeace, Mumbrella investigated the IP addresses of those comments.

A few days later somebody from the same IP address – calling themselves “Act Responsibly” launched a highly personal attack on Reece Turner, forests campaigner for Greenpeace Australia Pacific, who had joined in the comment thread. The commenter accused him of being “scum”. In the attack, Act Responsibly wrote:

Dear Reece,

I really have to wonder how the fuck you can look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. You are a bloody hypocrite of epic proportions. You choose tactics like breaking and entering and destruction of property because you truly believe “The end justifies the means” and that only Greenpeace has the facts and the truth. You abuse the very laws and legal system that protects you. You are the worst form of parasite. Its all a show about money.

I know for a fact that APP and Solaris have tried to engage you and YOU WON’T TALK TO THEM. So how the fuck do you know what they are doing? How many times have you been to the Indonesian forest? If you are going to open your fucking mouth get your facts straight. Its very clear why you won’t meet them—BECAUSE YOU ARE SCARED YOU WILL LOOK LIKE THE BLOODY IDIOT YOU ARE.

Furthermore, you took the video of the tiger and mocked up a full production with titles and fancy production work, and emailed it to thousands of people with a simple pledge to “Save a tiger for 33 cents per day”. So let’s just own up to it. I would have some respect for you if you could stand up like a man and admit it–ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND FUND RAISING AND MAKING YOURSELF FAMOUS. Well there are two ways to do it, either be outstanding or STAND OUT. Its clear you chose the latter, as the former is beyond your capabilities. You exploited a dead tiger to raise money. You are the worst of them all, Reece, you are a man who masquerades around acting like a “do gooder” when in reality you are just scum.

You have cost APP and Solaris jobs in this country and more investment. Exactly what Australia needs. Congratulations you ass, you made our country weaker due to your manipulations. I hope you can go and meet the families you have rendered unemployed due to this and look them in the eye and explain to them why they cannot feed their families and don’t have a job. Good Australian families. And when APP, one of the largest paper companies in the world, invests outside of Australia, instead of putting that investment here, well I hope you can live with yourself. You weakened a nation, asshole.

I hear there is a rally and a push of many to organize against GP And throw these people out of our lives. I am joining, and I will tithe even like at church to make this happen. Hypocrites!

The IP address of both the above comments is registered to A third comment came from that address came from “Crusaders.Fan”.

A further 20 comments all attacking Greenpeace – came from another single IP address. One of those comments comes from “Crusaders Plus”.

Other names used from that IP address included “Natalie”, “Adrian Pert”, “Patrick Saver” who claims to be a big game hunter, “Liz Lombardo”, “Johnnie Lombardo”, “Mary Anne”, “John”, “Greg”, “Susan”, “Matthew Beacon”, “Walter Cunningham”, “Peter McK”, “Michael B”, “Emma”, “Billy” and “Anthony”. The most recent from the IP address, a few minutes ago, came from “Maurice” saying:

“Hey Reece


“Translated from Apeian language into English means,’REECE you are a Fucking Idiot extraordinaire.’ “

The director of corporate affairs for Solaris, Steve Nicholson is currently out of the country. He told Mumbrella that he was surprised to hear of our findings and that he hoped to make a further comment when he had spoken to staff in Australia.

Mumbrella also invited PPR to comment.

A spokesman for Greenpeace told Mumbrella: “After a clumsy attempt at greenwashing, it’s disturbing that instead of responding to Greenpeace’s evidence of rainforest destruction, Solaris – Asia Pulp and Paper’s Australian affiliate – seems to have been caught-red handed resorting to personal abuse.

“Customers of Solaris in Australia are already questioning the role of the company in driving widespread deforestation in Indonesia. These kind of allegations will do nothing to improve their credibility.”


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