Dr Mumbo

The answer’s Rockpool. What was the question again?

There has always been, Dr Mumbo would acknowledge, a delicate symbiotic relationship between celebrities in need of exposure and the media in need of content.

That’s why you get newspaper columns in which the aforementioned celebs will answer a series of mildly inane questions.  

Sadly, on occasion, both parties can forget  about the poor old reader, who ends up being treated with about as much respect as a soiled nappy.

Check out this marvelous example from the Weekend Australian’s travel pages, who’ve been talking to chef Neil Perry, owner of Sydney restaurants Rockpool and Spice Temple.

Perry’s last memborable meal? Rockpool

Perry’s must-buy ingredient? Korean black garlic (“we are shaving it over globe artichoke risotto at Rockpool”)

Perry can’t live without? “Wagyu brisket at Spice Temple”

Next big thing? Phil Wood, the chef at, wait for it, Rockpool.

And Perry’s last supper? The caviar on toast at… Rockpool.

Followed by passionfruit pavlova, from Rockpool naturally.

Rockpool gets nine mentions in the nine paragraphs. Marvelous.

Update: Sadly, it looks like this posting speedily reached Mr Perry’s attention via the medium of Twitter and has led to a minor (and public)  falling out between him and poor old Ed Charles, editor of the influential Tomato food blog, after he tweeted this posting. Happily, it looks like they worked through their differences though:

@tomatom: Who has no shame? The Australian for publishing and neilPerry for self promotion http://bit.ly/4EBRSN

@Rockpoolgroup: @tomatom perhaps, but at least they all have quality and you would be better off than going to a few places I have seen on many food blogs

@tomatom: @rockpoolgroup Also I think most of the world think it’s the most egotistical Q&A EVER and did your empire a disservice. #PRdisaster

@Rockpoolgroup: @tomatom I don’t think the world Ed even you aren’t that important believe me. I don’t have an empire just 340 great young staff, all trying

@tomatom: @rockpoolgroup true I’m not that important and I just retweeted @mumbrella . See you Saturday night for the Tourism NSW dinner.

@Rockpoolgroup: @tomatom enjoy you dinner..I shall be working as I do most nights, perhaps why eating my food is so real to me, it’s called staff dinner!

Atomatom: @rockpoolgroup Fair enough. I’m sue I shall enjoy the dinner and it’ll be brilliant.

@Rockpoolgroup: @tomatom great, I promise not to be naughty anymore then!

@tomatom: @rockpoolgroup Cool.



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