Dr Mumbo

United Airlines hijacks the flying kangaroo

image (2)Dr Mumbo was intrigued when he was sent these pictures of airline seats sat in the kangaroo enclosure of Australia Zoo last week.

His first thought was it was filming for a new Qantas ad, what with the brand logo being a flying kangaroo. But the truth is actually far stranger, and more intriguing.

Rather than Australia’s national carrier it appears USA’s United Airlines has decided to cash in on the recent fad of US stars coming to the lucky country (think Oprah, Ellen and more recently Modern Family), and the trend for interesting and edgy safety videos (think Air New Zealand and Virgin).

So, can roos can do up their own seatbelts, or help their joeys with their oxygen masks in the case of an emergency?

image (1)An Australia Zoo spokesperson told Dr Mumbo the roos had to get used to the seats before filming last Thursday.

And a good job too, if if they were being asked to fly economy.





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