Dr Mumbo

When journos and tossers meet. And record the exchange

Dr Mumbo this morning salutes (in a sarcastic way)  anti-journo journalist Kieran Adair.

Kieran didn’t like the Ten journo – who it emerges in the video had permission to be there – filming alleged fare evaders in Sydney. So he stuck his phone in the journo’s face. Who called him a tosser.

Still, Dr Mumbo is relieved. The explosion of self righteousness could have taken out half of Town Hall.

As is so often the case though, the person who comes out best is the cameraman.

But the video did make him wonder about who Kieran is. And why he sounds like he’s doing a Bondi Hipster impersonation.

Turns out he describes himself as a journo too. According to LinkedIn, he previously wrote for UNSW student publication Tharunka and is now deputy editor of a media title called City Hub.

And some of his other video pieces are hilarious.

There’s this one when he explains how subeditors are leeches:

“These editors and sub editors are just sitting there and getting rich off other people’s work.”

But Dr Mumbo most enjoys this piece of reflection on the nature of video logs:

Just for the record, Kieran… that bit where the Ten journo calls you a tosser. It’s not libel if it’s true.



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