Dr Mumbo

WTF indeed, ABC. WTF?

Gerard Mansour must be pretty pleased with his bylined article on the ABC’s technology and games blog. It’s always an honour to get your work published by the nation’s public broadcaster.

Perhaps the piece is a tad generous to mention phone company Amaysim quite so high up in the piece, but Dr Mumbo is sure there’s nothing in that.

abc wtf lol

The ABC blog

And it’s clearly unrelated to his day job:

gerard mansour linkedin

And indeed entirely unrelated to this press release from Amaysim:

amaysim press release

The only difference between the two items? The ABC piece misses the final quote from the Amysim press release. From one Ged Mansour.

Dr Mumbo looks forward to hearing the no doubt entirely innocent explanation for this one.

(Hat-tip: Tim Lince)




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