7pm Project ratings continue to fall for Ten

The audience for Ten’s new topical news show The 7pm Project fell for the third night in a row on Thursday.  

Just 806,000 tuned in for the show, according to preliminary TV ratings from OzTam. The programme had opened on Monday with 1.3m and 47% of the 16-39 audience.

But the audience for the daily programme has declined every night since then.

The hosts had big shoes to fill, occupying the Masterchef slot.  In contrast to updates about the success of Masterchef in recent weeks, Ten’s daily press release could not bring itself to mention The 7pm Project’s ratings, instead only giving the share figure, which was 38% of the 16-39 audience.

Meanwhile, the debut for Seven’s double bill of comedywas only just the right side of a 1m audience each. Sketch show Double Take pulled just under 1.1m while TV Burp was just over 1m.

The metro share for the evening was a dead heat, with both Seven and Nine on 27.7%. Ten was on 22.8%, the ABC on 15.4% and SBS on 6.2%.

In the weekly share to date, Ten (26.9%) is fractionally ahead of Seven (26.6%), but Seven is likely to have the stronger finish.

Thursday’s top TV shows:

  1. Seven News Seven 1.6m
  2. Today Tonight Seven 1.5m
  3. Home and Away Seven 1.3m
  4. Getaway Nine 1.2m
  5. Nine News Nine 1.2m
  6. The Amazing Race Seven 1.2m
  7. Two and a Half Men 7pm Nine 1.1m
  8. Rush Ten 1.1m
  9. A Current Affair Nine 1.1m
  10. 20 to 1 Nine 1.1m
  11. Double Take Seven 1.1m
  12. TV Burp Seven 1m
  13. ABC News ABC 1m
  14. Law and Order: Criminal Intent Ten 0.9m
  15. Ten News Ten 0.9m


  1. Tony Macaroni
    24 Jul 09
    3:13 pm

  2. Gee I wonder why this is….

    Maybe it’s because the 7pm Project is completely unfunny and un-original. They’ve been doing shows like this in the UK for years, with DECENT comedians and stand-ups who can deliver laughs and satirical feedback.

  3. C K Cash
    24 Jul 09
    3:21 pm

  4. Hmm…let me think…The Panel, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report…etc etc etc and now Ten has come up with an “originial and new idea”..oh wait it’s not!

    Firstly it might do okay as a weekly show instead of a daily show, The Panel had good success as that.

    James Mathison (he left Idol to work on projects like this) and Ruby Rose (left MTV I assume?) are as interesting as getting checked for hemorrhoids…as much as I like Dave Hughes and Charlie Pickering, it’s hard to make it work.

    With TV Burp with Ed Kavalee on Seven, at least that can be mildly amusing as it’s weekly and does not become stale as quickly. That’s based on a UK show of the same name and it had done well.

  5. Renee
    24 Jul 09
    3:31 pm

  6. It doesn’t work and I don’t know why…. Perhaps it’s because they think their comments on the latest news are interesting…. they bore me shitless with their pointless views on topics…. I immediately get the feeling I can better spend half hour vacuuming…

  7. AW
    24 Jul 09
    3:33 pm

  8. I wanted to like it. I really did. I gave it a go. It had all the elements to work… but somehow they just can’t get it together.

    Who’s in charge? It should be lead by one of them and if they do falter, then the person in charge should step in.

    I can’t understand why they can’t sort it out. It’s like being in an unprepared business meeting that just flounders and at the end you just feel annoyed that they wasted your time.

    And that’s how I feel after watching the show… like it was a waste of time!

  9. Anonymous
    24 Jul 09
    3:33 pm

  10. carrie(?) makes me want to gouge out my own eyeballs.

  11. ron.r
    24 Jul 09
    3:49 pm

  12. Maybe we can put up with the show for a while, and they will work into the job. I can remember when I firsat saw the Glasshouse. I though it was a bummer. But, they worked into it, making it into something interesting. Maybe, that could happen with this Project???

  13. CM
    24 Jul 09
    3:53 pm

  14. The 7PM project clearly needs Will Anderson to lead the panel

  15. Rachael Lonergan
    24 Jul 09
    5:45 pm

  16. @AW really captures my thoughts here.

    Charlie Pickering is the stand out. Dave Hughes…I just don’t get him so I can’t say if he is better or worse but ad lib doesn’t seem to be his thing. When I watched the other night they were trying to work serious news stories into a comedy angle and it just fell flat…the panel sat looking at each other for an unfortunately long period of time…felt like minutes, was probably 10 or 15 seconds. Feels like the material needs more editing and the talent need to spend more time with it.

  17. Zuleika
    25 Jul 09
    8:22 pm

  18. Firstly, let’s review the hosts- individually, they represent great personalities, but together they constitute an incongruous tin of sardines, packed together for the sake of ’saying something’ on the show. Their humour works best as an innate, spontaneous reaction, especially Hughesy, but I feel they have been deprived of that- Like Hughesy thinking twice about everything, ends up not saying anything whilst other cast members with their academically superior background with some form of journalism disect the news in a way which in attitude and content, neglects Hughesy completely. The poor guy looks like his mourning a relative’s death on the show-a fatal punishment. Hughesy is too funny for the show, and the show is too academic for him. Pickering is too annoying and ‘unfunny’, I cannot comprehend the logic or reasoning behind Roving enterprises making him the lead host; whilst Carrie who is an entertaining character herself seems not quite ready for daily primetime tv and her lack of confidence dims the light-hearted and somewhat spontanously entertaining factor (as advertised) of the show. It is also infinetely irritating how Ten has decided to corrupt the comical element which has made Bickmore famous, the satiric, tongue-in-cheek remarks of the news. I don’t find Ruby Rose annoying, she is another incongruous dish on the table- for some reason, ten has decided to capitalise on her overnight fame and shoved her into this tin of unconfident sardines. Ruby does not align with comical news dissection and nor does the show need another ‘entertainment’ segment which is barely substantial- 30seconds of airplay, into its already hectic schedule- news, entertainment, music, the list goes on; and one person who reflects this absurd attitude is the very laid back and carefree James Mathison, in fact, a little too carefree for my liking and entertainment value. The masterchef interview? I was cringing for those kids who were bullied by Mathison and felt embarassed for him, making so many enemies live? Woah, the show is just spiralling out of control and entertainment value.

    Well, at least the comprehensive news coverage is great, I actually feel, I don’t need to rush to a ten news update now, but what follows is awkward and insufficient. There is no news dissecting or analysis, it’s either Hughesy struggling to say something funny, and other cast members awkwardly trying to patch it up with tangents- hightly irrelevant information. This is due to the conflicting backgrounds of the cast members and their lack of confidence.

    It’s obvious it was proficiently planned and organised, with the humourous segments such as the weekly ‘wrap up’ but as with every other slightly comical piece, it quickly evaporated off our screens- 21 minutes of brilliantly pre-ordained live airplay that the hosts cannot live up to equals dissapointing tv.

  19. Kris Olin
    27 Jul 09
    1:57 pm

  20. No wonder the ratings are dropping. I watched it for 3 minutes, and …goodbye. Hughesy, get out while you still have a reputation!

  21. Chris
    27 Jul 09
    10:12 pm

  22. You guys are haters and all just furiously jealous and evious of anybody doing anything remotely interesting with their lives. Just so unbelievably personal and bitchy!
    How about supporting TV produced locally by Australians for Australians and allowing the Show to develop and breath a little.

  23. Davo
    28 Jul 09
    2:32 pm

  24. I tried really really hard to like it. I gave it a go for the first week. The first three nights were diabolical, but reluctantly I watched the next two being Thurs and Fri -these were nothing short of disgraceful. I don’t mean to be bitchy as I respect the amount of work that has gone into getting it to screen, but it is just bad. It’s really a nothing show. If I want news ill get my news intake from somewhere. If I want comedy ill watch a comedy / light entertainment show but both together does not gel. I hate having B grade (sorry) celebrities giving their meaningless opinions and attempted humour spin on current affairs. It’s an awful mistake by channel 10 who I imagine have invested a huge amount of cash, resources, and time into it when it will be lucky to see out the next month or two. Sorry to be overly critical but I tried on this one but for me it gets a 2/10. Please do us a favour and take it off air.

  25. C K Cash
    28 Jul 09
    2:46 pm

  26. I knew when it had Ruby Rose and James Mathison as part of the cast…that was trouble.

    Using the catching music sample from the Cat Empire made you think about the show when they were doing the promos…but now that song will be tainted with this show. I saw on the weekend that Ten is showing repeats in the daytime…scary!

  27. Davo
    31 Jul 09
    3:32 pm

  28. I tried again and it has failed. Its just crap. Ill never watch it again. Please remove this shit from our TV.

  29. C K Cash
    31 Jul 09
    3:48 pm

  30. Seeing the Chaser boys have finished up their “war”, maybe they should go back to CNNN type stuff and beat the 7PM Project?


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