ACP scraps Ralph magazine, and will exist only online

ACP Magazine is scrapping the print edition of its men’s monthly magazine Ralph after 13 years of publishing and will continue only online on the Ninemsn network.

The publisher said the monthly market had been knocked by the launch of weekly title Zoo in 2006 and the arrival of “cross category” men’s magazines such as Top Gear and Men’s Health.  

ACP, which also owns FHM, said the Ralph brand would continue to exist through its website and on the mobile platform.

The July cover date will be the final monthly magazine, however it will continue to publish the Girls of Ralph special issues.

Some 13 ACP editorial and advertising staff will be affected by the closure of the print edition. And while some employees will be transferred, redundancies are expected.

Phil Scott, ACP group publishing director, said: “The history of the monthly men’s market is that the No. 1 masthead tends to change every six or seven years, dating back to the Penthouse and Playboy era, followed by Inside Sport and then Ralph and more recently ALPHA.

“The launch of Zoo as a weekly in 2006 and the subsequent arrival of cross category men’s magazines such as Top Gear and Men’s Health have steadily eroded the once dominant ‘lads‘ monthlies. The trend is evident all over the world and is the reason ACP re positioned FHM in May of 2008.”

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations figures for the three months to the end of December, Ralph experienced a 4.8 per cent year-on-year fall to 63,155.


  1. Anthony
    4 Jun 10
    4:38 pm

  2. Shame to see it go. I thought it was actually one of the funnier ones. But the category has become so homogenised, everyone copying the other, one of them had to fall over eventually.

  3. Ben
    4 Jun 10
    4:38 pm

  4. Vale old friend.

  5. Tim
    4 Jun 10
    5:06 pm

  6. Sad day. We’ll miss you RALPH

  7. Adam
    4 Jun 10
    5:30 pm

  8. Nowadays younger blokes can access Ralph’s content online…

    Will FHM hold it’s own?

  9. Jason Bishop
    4 Jun 10
    5:55 pm

  10. @Godwingrech has twitted something about keeping the magazine going :)

  11. anon
    4 Jun 10
    6:07 pm

  12. great mag, much heritage, will be missed. :(

  13. Brad
    5 Jun 10
    7:46 pm

  14. Sad to see Ralph go. U will be dearly missed. It did hold its own for awhile but I’ve found a better mag right next to it, APOLLO. Hotter chicks ay and they have wolfmother and bear grilles in it!

  15. Mike
    6 Jun 10
    7:18 am

  16. It’s an interesting move, and maybe a sign of the times. Ralph was a fun read but the content has definitely slipped in recent times. One wonders if the emergence of APOLLO, a classier more indepth format and the simultaneous decline of Ralph are connected?

  17. Andy
    6 Jun 10
    10:48 am

  18. Nice to see some farewell love for Ralph here in the comments. Just checked out Apollo. I think they have a lot to learn. Not really sophisticated, classier, more in depth or different. There’s a formula to men’s mags that has worked for years – while it needs to change to survive, Apollo doesn’t look like the answer:

  19. Ben
    6 Jun 10
    11:45 am

  20. RALPH wasn’t what once was at the end, but it looks like Vanity Fair meets the Victoria Secret calender compared to that Apollo mag.

  21. Brad
    6 Jun 10
    12:59 pm

  22. @Mike: Yeh, I agree. Class is needed. One of the shoots was almost Penthouse style ay. The Jade girl was alright though.

  23. Brad
    6 Jun 10
    1:01 pm

  24. I mean, Dayna

  25. Jacob
    6 Jun 10
    9:17 pm

  26. Anyone know when the July edition comes out?

  27. Ralph
    6 Jun 10
    10:31 pm

  28. It’s weird no one has asked wow will content for Ralph’s new life online be sourced … given a lot of it is mag originated content?

    Or will it be more of the ‘cheap and cheerful’ stuff that’s everywhere else. Top 20 funny videos, top 10 WAG pics from stock footage, top 20 worst world records and other stuff you can pay an intern to compile?

  29. Anon
    7 Jun 10
    9:48 am

  30. It’s a sad, sad day when Aussie men don’t want to look at heavily airbrushed fake DD breasts any more.

  31. Camille Alarcon
    7 Jun 10
    10:22 am

  32. Hi Jacob,

    Just heard back – the July edition goes on sale June 21.


    Camille – Mumbrella

  33. Winston Smith
    7 Jun 10
    1:33 pm

  34. Apollo has about as much to do with Ralph’s closure as the Gulf of Mexico oil dissaster.

    Zoo has cannibalised Ralph and the fact that you can access a lot of that generic contact online has led to his demise.

  35. Flo
    7 Jun 10
    1:40 pm

  36. RIP Ralph…a great aussie battler right to the end

  37. Jon
    7 Jun 10
    1:51 pm

  38. Very happy to see this old fashioned turd finally being being removed from my porch. Huzzah!

  39. Keith
    7 Jun 10
    1:55 pm

  40. Why, too, is Men’s Health being held up as the culprit? Men’s Health’s circ has gone virtually no where in a decade. It’s the lad’s category that crashed NOT the health category became a success. Proving Aussie blokes don’t want boobs OR abs.

  41. ben c
    7 Jun 10
    2:24 pm

  42. good bye ralph, i will miss you alot

  43. Shep
    8 Jun 10
    4:03 pm

  44. Andy, you either work for Apollo or have never bought another men’s magazine – or interacted with media in any respect for that matter – if you think that Apollo is in any way classy or more in depth than Ralph. Apollo is not fit to be a pimple on Ralph’s backside. It is a shamefully amateurish product that deserves to send its financial backers to the poor house. I want to hunt down everyone associated with Apollo and smack them silly for thinking it was a good idea. Truly appalling.