Ad for shooting range under fire for promoting US-style gun culture

An online ad for shooting range in Sydney has come under fire for promoting US-style gun culture.

The ad for the Condell Park Indoor Range, which ran on, encouraged unlicensed punters to go on a “sensational shooting session” with weapons such as Magnums, 9mm pistols and rifles, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

“The experience will have you reeling with exhilaration”, reads the copy in the ad.

The offer was available for children aged 12 and over.

Samantha Lee of the National Coalition for Gun Control said the ad was a blatant promotion of US-style firearm culture


  1. brolin1911a1
    4 Jul 11
    5:32 am

  2. The only thing outrageous about this offer is that Australia’s repressive gun laws have allowed the range to charge such ridiculously high prices. One hundred rounds of 9mm sells for $22.96 at my local Wal-mart. Ammo for the .460 Magnum is a bit more expensive, about $1.50 per round, and 12 gauge shotgun ammo is $15 per box of 25 rounds or about $0.60 a shot. So, for about $28 worth of ammo and two hours range time that shop is charging “only” $129 with a “regular value” of $260!?!

    Reading this does make me realize that it’s a good idea to call up some of my friends, grab a couple hundred rounds of ammunition for each of our 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP pistols as well as a brick (500rds) or two of .22LR for the 10/22 rifles and go celebrate our Independence day with the individually owned arms that gave the USA it’s independence.

  3. Thomas Dodson
    4 Jul 11
    10:02 am

  4. ah brolin, thankyou for making our point for us.

    You americans really do make it too easy sometimes.

  5. Anonymous
    4 Jul 11
    10:30 am

  6. Wow, Brolin.

    Thank you for that devastating insight into the economics of ammunition. We often look at the gun crime statistics between Australia and the USA and yearn for the day when cheap firearms and ammunition is available to all and sundry here.

    Thank you also for your fascinating insight into your recreational activities and country’s history.

    We have a broad tendency away from shooting guns for kicks. We take part in stuff which is fun and relaxing – a barbie; a game of cricket (like baseball) of sometimes a bit of biff.

    However, the main question that your piece begs is – Who gives a shit what a Sep thinks about this?

  7. sundog
    4 Jul 11
    10:55 am

  8. brolin1911a1 has stated an undeniable truth. In a nation where liberty is paramount, the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Poor Australia! Happy 4th of July!

  9. Conde Nast
    4 Jul 11
    11:00 am

  10. Anyway, back to the subject!

    If shooting at a range is legal, what’s wrong with advertising it? There’s nothing particularly sensational in the ad.

    If you’ve never fired guns before, it is indeed exhilarating.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip, I’ve just bought.

  11. Conde Nast
    4 Jul 11
    11:05 am

  12. Link to today’soffer is actually:

  13. Today Tonight viewer
    4 Jul 11
    12:32 pm

  14. OH NO, a business is attempting to promote it’s entirely legal products by making them sound appealing!


  15. nickatnights
    4 Jul 11
    1:50 pm

  16. The obvious target market for this product is men with tiny penises (and woman with penises).

  17. AdGrunt
    4 Jul 11
    1:56 pm

  18. I’d best claim the 10.30am comment.

    I don’t like these anonymous posters…

  19. AdGrunt
    4 Jul 11
    1:58 pm

  20. Should also clarify I have no issue with people who enjoy shooting per se, either.

  21. sven
    4 Jul 11
    2:00 pm

  22. looks like Sundog and Brolin have gone back to seducing their cousins. Thankfully.

  23. bandit
    4 Jul 11
    2:15 pm

  24. I’m so bored with these little groups telling us what to think and about their doomsday predictions.
    The indoor range is selling an experience that’s legal, not a machine that converts people into gun toting maniacs.
    Can we get back to discussing the merits of advertising rather than the merits of these groups?
    Having said that, I’d like to thank National Coalition for Gun Control for bringing this offer to my attention. Sold!

  25. nickatnights
    4 Jul 11
    4:08 pm

  26. This product could become seriously popular. Opening ranges in Camden, Ipswich and Geelong. It will never open up in Port Arthur as the residents there understand the true nightmare that is a “sensational shooting session”.

  27. Anonymous
    4 Jul 11
    4:26 pm

  28. Coconuts falling on people’s heads kill over 4,000 people a year.

    We should ban guns and coconuts.

  29. AdGrunt
    4 Jul 11
    4:59 pm

  30. It’s true.

    The ease with which one can conceal a coconut and then kill someone is truly astonishing.

    I hear that all the gangsta’s are thinking of giving up their Uzis and instead going for a large bag of coconuts.

    They’re easy to conceal, extremely rapid fire and no law can deny the parallel rehydrating and nutritional benefits of them.

    ps – just realised that the Australian WOWSER quotient is only going to increase now the Greens have the balance of power… [rubs hands with glee]

  31. John Grono
    4 Jul 11
    5:22 pm

  32. Hey Brolin.

    Apparently handwriting experts have found an error in the transcription of the original Second Amendment draft from back in 1791. Apparently William Lambert actually wrote “the right of the People to keep and arm bears should not be infringed” – not the other way around.

    Talk about a mix-up! Now be a good boy Brolin and toddle off down to Wal-Mart and take ’em back will ya?

  33. Anonymous
    4 Jul 11
    6:05 pm

  34. What happens in the states doesn’t count cause they’re all crazy anyway. Canada doesn’t have the same death rate which just goes to show that it’s true:

    Guns don’t kill people, Americans do.

    On the other hand, if you’re a responsible family man and you have not practised shooting then you’re irresponsible: you won’t be able to do what Liam Neeson does when they kidnap his daughter and Tom Cruise will be a better man than you because he can shoot and you can’t.

    Spreets offer closes in 6 hours. Man up.