Adam Spencer to speak at TED

adam spencer tedABC702 breakfast presenter Adam Spencer is to present at this year’s annual TED conference in the US

He was invited to speak at the event in California after auditioning in Sydney last year talking about his passion for prime numbers.

A second Australian speaker will be Leyla Acaroglu, speaking on sustainibility.

The TED conference takes place at the end of February. Its Australian cousin TEDx Sydney takes place on May 4.

TED – which stands for technology, entertainment, design – aims to feature inspiring speakers giving “the talk of their lives”.


  1. Craig
    14 Jan 13
    12:32 pm

  2. There’s more than just TEDx Sydney (for those who don’t have a Sydney-centric mindset).

    There’s also TEDx Melbourne, TEDx Canberra, TEDx Brisbane, TEDx Adelaide, TEDx – there’s even been a TEDx Dubbo.

  3. Mike
    14 Jan 13
    2:37 pm

  4. Boy have they diluted the brand!
    TED was about excellence and quality, not McDonalds-ising the concept so you end up with whoever feels like getting up and speaking.

    There’s already a strong content skew towards inner-city luvvies, the lefty bourgeoisie, emerging in the local version.
    They’ve swarmed over TED, trying to ensure that their predictable menu of topics is always at the forefront.
    TED and TEDx are meant to be an ideas-fest, not a Venus Flytrap to catch the politically naïve.

    It’s time for an agnostic TEDx, which treats all ideas as worthy of discussion, and of equal merit. And given the paucity of inspiring speakers in Australia, less is more.

  5. Fabfour
    14 Jan 13
    3:59 pm

  6. Mike, these speakers are TED in the US where I’m not so sure Adam Spencer would be viewed as part of the ‘predictable’ menu.

  7. Adam
    14 Jan 13
    4:44 pm

  8. Hey Mike

    I promise that my talk on using networked computing to discover massively large prime numbers and potentially solve other problems in number theory, will steer clear of the inner city, latte sipping leftie cliches that all too often plague talks on that topic.


    Adam S

  9. Rachel F
    14 Jan 13
    7:53 pm

  10. Since when did we all become so negative and cynical?? Congrats to Adam for making it on an international stage. I don’t share his passion for numbers but I think he is a great presenter and the opportunity is deserved.

  11. Chris Gulland
    14 Jan 13
    9:55 pm

  12. Congrats Adam, go get them!

  13. Ben
    14 Jan 13
    10:15 pm

  14. Burn!

  15. Dan
    14 Jan 13
    11:55 pm

  16. There’s a prime number on every bloody corner in Chippendale now.

  17. Luke
    15 Jan 13
    5:50 pm

  18. Adam Spencer you legend!