Aerogard gets nostalgic

Ad agency Euro RSCG has created an ad for insect repellent Aerogard inspired by 70s musical Grease.

“Summer Loving” goes to air tomorrow and will run until February.


  • Adrian McNamara, Senior Art Director
  • Paul Suters, Senior Copywriter
  • Tania Templeton, Senior TV Producer
  • David Benett, Senior Account Director
  • Stephen Lance, Director
  • Taxi Film, Leanne Tonkes, Geoffrey Simpson, DOP
  • Sound & composition, SongZu
  • Post production, Cutting Edge
  • Reckitt Benckiser Team: Jennifer Osborne, Category Manager; Terri Lin, Brand Manager


  1. Anonymous
    13 Nov 10
    4:22 pm

  2. Ah yes, nostalgia. What you do when you don’t have an idea.

  3. Herald Sun reader
    13 Nov 10
    8:20 pm

  4. I just woke up from having a dream that I took a wooden coast guard vessel out to see. For some reason I went overboard with my brother who wanted to swim. The boat drifted off and we had to swim in shark infested water back to shore. Somehow we swam about 2k in a few minutes because he told me to talk to him and it will go much quicker.

  5. Herald Sun reader
    13 Nov 10
    10:02 pm

  6. That should be ‘sea’

  7. Betty Boo
    15 Nov 10
    11:10 am

  8. I love it

  9. missP
    15 Nov 10
    11:58 am

  10. This morning’s mumbrealla mail says that “Summer Loving” went to air tomorrow yesterday. (huh?) and the link takes you to the autoplay article!

  11. Anonymous
    16 Nov 10
    8:58 am

  12. Personally, I would have recorded a more contemporary version of the track. But other than that, its a nice enough idea.