Anti-Stephen Conroy website back online

A website that was taken offline by the domain name regulator .au Domain Administration, is now back online and continuing its protest against the Government’s internet filtering policy.  

The site, which takes aim at the Communications Minister Stephen Conroy for his policy on what it deems as internet censorship, was taken down by auDA at the end of last month less than two days after it went live.

At the time, questions arose over the swiftness of the auDA’s move to shut the site down.

The domain name had been registered by Sapia Pty Ltd. It responded by quickly returning online under the domain

In the latest development, the business name Stephenconroy has now been lodged in Victoria, allowing the site’s owners to continue to use the domain name.

The site’s owners had this to say about the auDA:

Following a prolonged and public appeal to auDA they ultimately ignored all representations regarding our eligibility to hold the and related domain names. After the domains were placed in ‘pending-delete’ they were allowed to expire earlier today [January 4] and were returned to the publicly available pool of names. As they were not immediately registered we were able to re-register, and now once again hold,

The Australian Domain Administrator continually stated during our previous exchanges that they considered us ineligible at the time of original registration. While we were given 14 days to explain our eligibility prior to the domains being deleted they were completely unwilling to listen to any argument past the initial three hour period we were given prior to the takedown.

In order to avoid any confusion regarding our eligibility for the new registration we would like to take this opportunity to state that, further to the previous reasons stated for our eligibility, the registrant of (Sapia Pty Ltd ABN 94 140 321 240) owns registered Vic business name ‘STEPHENCONROY’.”

The site is now calling on people to join a rally on January 30, to protest against the Government’s internet filtering policy.

The Government has been widely criticised for its policy. A campaign on the issue was created for political activism group Get Up! and was part of the Mumbrella Readers Choice Awards shortlist for social media campaign of the year.

Last year, the Fake Stephen Conroy debacle saw the communications minister targeted by a Telstra employee through Twitter.


  1. ChairmanLMAO
    5 Jan 10
    2:33 pm

  2. “The Government has been widely criticised for its policy”

    Does anyone else find it ironic that the most vocal supporters of freedom in this instance are from the left of politics — people who by and large are completely ambivalent to it in other, far more dire, circumstances?

  3. ChairmanLMAO
    5 Jan 10
    2:44 pm

  4. Maybe, in a further twist of irony, I should start an online petition telling Conroy to include web activists under the ban. I’m sure I’d get his ear.

  5. Ben Grubb
    5 Jan 10
    10:09 pm

  6. I have comments from AuDA if your interested:

  7. Tom Anderson
    6 Jan 10
    12:02 am

  8. @ChairmanLMAO

    “supporters of freedom in this instance are from the left of politics — people who by and large are completely ambivalent to it in other, far more dire, circumstances?”

    Alanis Morissette would agree with you on this one.

    I think you have your left and your right mixed up… Don’t worry about it happens to us all at some stage or another.

  9. Frank
    6 Jan 10
    1:26 am

  10. Anyone who thinks the Rudd govt. is ‘Left’ has a serious head injury. IMHO they wouldn’t even be considered centre-left.

  11. Dick from Sydney
    6 Jan 10
    2:42 pm

  12. An attack on our freedom is an attack no matter if it is from the left or the right. For your information, the political spectrum is not linear, it’s circular, so the far right and the far left eventually meet. Both are extreme and a threat to our freedom!


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