ASB investigates Lynx Dry ads featuring women who ‘look hot wet’

A new Unilever campaign for anti-perspirant deodorant Lynx Dry which tells viewers that “girls look hot wet” is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Bureau following a number of complaints.

The ASB said the two TV executions and an online version had received around a “dozen complaints in the last few days”.

The creative, conceived by Unilever and Generator Unlimited is being supported by an interactive website.

Lynx Dry, Mumbrella

Created by Soap Creative, the website’s main section features an image of a sweaty man. The user can move an icon of a Lynx Dry can over his underarms to eliminate the perspiration.

While this is happening, on the other side of the screen a woman is shown clothed and dry. Water is then splashed over her and she happily poses to show how “hot” she looks when she is wet.

It follows the same theme as the TV ads in which the voice over states: “Girls look hot, wet. Guys don’t”.

Unilever has also attracted complaints for other Lynx ads this year. Two TV spots and an online ad for Lynx Fever and Lynx Musicstar variants were investigated and subsequently dismissed by the ASB in March.


  1. Deodude
    2 Jun 10
    5:42 pm

  2. my only complaint is that it’s not on TV enough

  3. Tom
    2 Jun 10
    5:58 pm

  4. +1

  5. Gezza
    3 Jun 10
    9:15 am

  6. I like the ad but the guy is on for too long

  7. chris
    3 Jun 10
    9:58 am

  8. this work is rubbish….Unilever would be better to import the work from ponce in argentina or BBH for Axe…

  9. tom
    3 Jun 10
    10:07 am

  10. I buy this product because I think it will help me get hot girls.

  11. long time listener, first time caller...
    3 Jun 10
    12:56 pm

  12. Oh, com on! This is a very funny ad dudes!

  13. Ninja Monkey
    3 Jun 10
    1:23 pm

  14. I love this. You should see all the blokes stop training in the gyms in the morning, pretending to rest, not watch the ad.

  15. Singo
    3 Jun 10
    1:57 pm

  16. Bllody Femos!

  17. callen
    3 Jun 10
    2:11 pm

  18. luv it – engaging, core promise obvious

  19. Tony Richardson
    3 Jun 10
    2:30 pm

  20. The interactive online thingy is great.

    I tried forgetting about spraying so I could concentrate on the action … but it told me to get back to work with the Lynx.

    Now THAT”S branding.

  21. Matthew Cheyne
    3 Jun 10
    2:39 pm

  22. Love the ad. Hate the feminists complaining about it.

  23. John Grono
    3 Jun 10
    2:41 pm

  24. Yeah … I agree. I hate seeing underarm sweat too … get rid of the bloke.

  25. Wayne Tregaskis
    3 Jun 10
    2:52 pm

  26. Forget Argentina, anyone who complains about the ad is a ponce!!

  27. young turk
    3 Jun 10
    5:37 pm

  28. these made me spoof my pants

  29. nanny state
    3 Jun 10
    5:57 pm

  30. 12 complaints! Last time I checked there were 23 million people in Australia. The power the ASB wields is outrageous

  31. nanny state
    3 Jun 10
    6:00 pm

  32. wow 12 complaints. Last time I checked there were 23 million people in Australia. The power the ASB has is outrageous

  33. Ashley Cooper
    3 Jun 10
    8:53 pm

  34. What’s wrong with it? It’s not sexist or rude. What about the Philadelphia cooking cheese ad where she slaps the man on the bum, if it was the other way round there would be uproar. Double standards me thinks!

  35. Layal Mansour
    4 Jun 10
    2:04 pm

  36. One of the best ads I’ve ever seen! I’m a woman, and I love it, and don’t find it offensive….When did aussies lose their sense of humor?

  37. Mr Corbett
    4 Jun 10
    4:09 pm

  38. I blame grannies & christians.