Big Brother return rates 1.6m for Nine while Everybody Dance Now plummets to 304,000 for Ten

Nine’s heavily promoted Big Brother made a strong debut on Monday night, rating 1.618m.

The show was the centrepiece of the network’s on air promotion during its Olympics coverage.

Nine also launched the latest in its Underbelly franchise, Underbelly: Badness. It rated even better, averaging 1.78m, according to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTam.

It left little room for the second night of Ten’s Everybody Dance Now, which struggled with a desperate 304,000 – half of Sunday night’s debut of 598,000 – in 31st position. Masterchef All Stars rated 702,000 in 16th.

Underbelly and Big Brother’s positions of One and Two held across the three key advertising demographics of 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Everybody Dance Now climbed to 18th in 16-39, 24th in 18-49 and 27th in 25-54.

Meanwhile, Seven’s series final of Once Upon A Time rated 799,000 while The Amazing Race Australia rated 787,000.

Nine’s live, morning coverage of the Olympic Closing Ceremony rated 1m viewers while the repeat at 9.30pm rated 864,000.

ABC News was the public broadcaster’s highest rating show with 1.04m and sixth in total viewers while Ten News At Five was the Ten’s highest rating show with 753,000 and 15th overall.

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  1. goodone
    14 Aug 12
    9:03 am

  2. Nice one Nine, looks like your little gamble might pay off after all…

  3. Rob
    14 Aug 12
    9:11 am

  4. #bbau was trending nationally and globally on Twitter for most of the night too.

  5. Viewer
    14 Aug 12
    9:13 am

  6. Not sure if BB will go the distance. Ulimate test is what the week looks like as opposed to the launch night…..wonder how this launch compares with previous BB on TEN?
    Underbelly was great! Congrats to Nine for that….but count me out of BB.

  7. Rob
    14 Aug 12
    9:14 am

  8. Wow, David Mott, this is your life! Of all the shows to decapitate their new flagship…. “Everybody take cover now!”…

  9. NoMoreDance
    14 Aug 12
    9:38 am

  10. Who wants the bet ….Dance will be moved to Eleven by Monday ?

    How embarrassing a debut, I don’t think we have seen anything like this before. I hear Ten are spending $20m on this production. It is a disgrace what they are doing to Ten.

  11. Fing
    14 Aug 12
    9:39 am

  12. I watched it and wasn’t blown away, they played it v safe – but it paid off. Will be interesting to see if it can sustain. Personally I much preferred The Shire.

    EDN, wow shocked by those numbers…

  13. Luke S
    14 Aug 12
    9:58 am

  14. They’re no doubt beginning to sweat over I Will Survive.

  15. The Grim Reaper
    14 Aug 12
    10:20 am

  16. I think I may scythe myself down. Can’t stand it anymore. Think I’ll give my TV to the homeless, but noone deserves to be subjected to this awful mind numbing absolute dire TV choice predicament. Even the Olympic coverage was awful. Why can’t this country produce proper programming?? Where has it all gone wrong for Australia?? Was it ever good in the first place?

  17. Lucinda
    14 Aug 12
    10:42 am

  18. Interestingly, my kids ( who are 12, 14 and 15) all loved BB. This is a new generation of BB viewers who were all too young to watch last time it ran. A younger, more hip host would have been better for Dance. Sarah Murdoch is not the right person for this job…but I guess if you are married to the boss….

  19. Smedsta
    14 Aug 12
    10:43 am

  20. Big Brother looked pretty much the same as how it was on Ten except for a boring host… And some cool shuffling. Not random at all by the way.

  21. Hoin
    14 Aug 12
    11:35 am

  22. Big Brother an opening night hit? It will be interesting to see what happens after the halo effect of the Olympics wears off. Sandwiching the premiere between highlights of the last day of competition and the closing ceremony is one thing, what will the ratings be like in a month or so during the AFL finals and when the warmer weather begins and people go out again in the early evening?

  23. Dean
    14 Aug 12
    11:37 am

  24. I watched 15 minutes last night.

    It’s BAD.


  25. Dan
    14 Aug 12
    12:27 pm

  26. EDN was awful, even by current reality-tv standards. The first episode looked like they’d accidentally screened a mid-season episode by mistake. The concept was never fully explained, the ‘teams’ were oddly explained using flashbacks of rehearsals that we’d never seen before, and Sarah Murdoch’s cardboard presentation was awful when she awkwardly read word-for-word off the cue card (because we can’t risk her announcing the wrong winner again, can we!), and when she tried to ad-lib, it was so incredibly forced and awkard.

  27. Surin
    14 Aug 12
    12:30 pm

  28. Man ,we need TEN to do something that works. This is getting “seriously” bad. Everyone else is gone over there, get the broom and sort out programming.

  29. sean
    14 Aug 12
    12:34 pm

  30. BB last night everybody is special so am i because i have the remote and i used it.

  31. Shamma
    14 Aug 12
    1:14 pm

  32. Ten is like that horribly out of form footballer … can’t do anything right and even their own crowd/audience boos them. You cringe whenever they get near the ball. They’re trying hard, going to practice etc … but still failing.

    I would not want to be a Ten sales rep who has to go back to client after selling big dreams around their morning show, Got to Dance, Masterchef 2012, Masterchef Allstars, I Will Survive, The Project, Late News etc

  33. Harry
    14 Aug 12
    1:22 pm

  34. It’s hard to know which set of management at TEN was worse – the over-ambitious of two or so years ago who decided to spend millions on expanding evrything they clearly couldn’t do well – or the Lachlan-led lot to followed and commissioned what they clearly knew nothing about!
    Bring back somebody .. anybody .. who knows what they’re doing Where’s Peter Viner these days?

  35. David
    14 Aug 12
    1:43 pm

  36. Harry, Look at the scoreboard, Grant Blackley left with a share price of $1.50, it’s now 45c… The market sure as sh!t gives any toe to toe to Blackley by knock out… D

  37. cba
    14 Aug 12
    2:03 pm

  38. Go nine, notice that Georgie the seven lover is very quiet these days.

  39. Gold Member
    14 Aug 12
    2:11 pm

  40. Doesnt Australia realise that Sarah is married to the richest guy in Oz TV. And that everyone should be watching. What is a nice suburban Mum doing with Hip Hoppers on EDN ? WTF ?

  41. zumabeach
    14 Aug 12
    2:59 pm

  42. @Lucinda … Shouldn’t your kids, aged 12, 14 and 15, be doing homework at that time of night? You let them watch this rubbish? No wonder the youth of this country is going to hell in a hurry … Some of the above was tongue in cheek, but I think there’s actually a grain of truth in there somewhere.

  43. Rob
    14 Aug 12
    3:24 pm

  44. Is Sarah married to Gina?

  45. Shareholder
    14 Aug 12
    5:24 pm

  46. @David, no knockout,Tens shares were over $4.50 under Blackley then down to around $0.80,and by memory I don’t think he left! But agree with Harry,massive issues ahead.

  47. Ghost of Izzy
    14 Aug 12
    7:00 pm

  48. Harry, I think you will find that Peter Viner retired when CanWest was finally sold-off and wound up.

  49. georgie
    14 Aug 12
    8:40 pm

  50. Nice to be missed cba. I am here- have just not been able to log on at work since some days mumbrella is blocked by the gateway at work!! What can you say about people who bagged Big Brother when Ten pioneered it all those years ago and who now think nothing of it.
    Ten has opened a “can of worms’. None of their programming this year has worked. Can of Worms, I will survive, dont tell the bride, the Shire,Everybody dance now. Sarah M is the wrong host, she is a very shy person and cannot adlib. Why have two singers as judges is anyones guess.
    CBA- I have criticised Seven as well, I have asked that they bring out their big guns in the lead up to the AFL finals. Xfactor should rate for Seven.

  51. BJD
    15 Aug 12
    11:02 am

  52. @zumabeach – Sigh! Really – what a cliche to attack a parenting style. Who do you think is watching this show but teenagers? Maybe they finished their homework in the afternoon and were ready to watch some tele.

  53. Lucinda
    15 Aug 12
    12:36 pm

  54. @zumabeach- yes they had finished all their homework! Thanks for your concern!!!
    You will be relieved to know they didn’t watch it last night, but apparently there was A LOT of talk about it at school.

  55. Harry
    15 Aug 12
    1:29 pm

  56. Lucinda,what a crying shame that BB is the hottest topic for teenagers these days. As you can see from the second night ratings this show will tank after a few eps.I did not watch it but watched the previous incarnation on Ten.There is nothing worthwhile on tv these days.
    Go Sunrise!!!(for cba’s benefit)