Big Brother puts TV presenter in house but tells viewers Timmy Dormer is a student

Tim Dormer big brotherNine’s reality contest Big Brother has turned to the presenter of Southern Cross Broadcasting’s now defunct television chart show Hit List TV as one of its contestants.

However, Big Brother has presented Timmy Dormer, who has also worked for radio network Nova, to viewers as “environmental studies student Tim”.

Nine’s second season of the show got under way tonight.

Dormer briefly generated headlines late last year after streaking during a Rihanna press junket. He previously presented the Hit List TV show for Southern Cross Broadcasting until it was axed two years ago after the network merged with Austereo.

Tonight’s press announcement from Nine makes no mention of Dormer’s previous TV and radio career. It says: “Tim: 29. University student. Sydney. Easily distracted, rebellious and with an eye on having a good time, Tim is still trying to finish his science degree ten years after he started it. “My life is a constant search for weird and fun. There are no limits. I crossed that line years ago and life is so much more interesting on the other side.” Tim doesn’t believe in playing it safe: “If more people lived life like me I’d have more friends. To get more friends I’d have to sacrifice who I am. I can’t have both.”

tim dormerEfforts appear to have been made in recent days to remove reference to his previous media career. Dormer’s LinkedIn profile appears to have been removed in the last few days although the link still appears in Google searches.

heidi andersonDormer is not the only radio talent to enter the Big Brother house.

Heidi Anderson, co-presenter of the Heidi, Heath & Normy Show on Southern Cross Austereo’s NXFM in Newcastle, has also joined the lineup.

She only joined the radio station’s breakfast team in February of this year.

big brother tully smythAnd the Big Brother casting team has also looked to the communications industry for a third contestant. Tully Smyth, who lists herself on Twitter as a social media strategist at DDB Sydney, also joined the house. According to her Google Plus profile, Smyth has also worked at Clemenger BBDO and she interned for website Pedestrian.

Last year’s series included Michael Beveridge, a copywriter at Brisbane agency The Hoopla Family who is now a presenter on Southern Cross Austereo’s SAFM, and Stacey Wren, formerly an account manager at Sydney’s Frost Design.


  1. Dale
    29 Jul 13
    9:03 pm

  2. Also, Tim Dormer who used to host the national/regional show the Hit List.

  3. Art Vandelay
    29 Jul 13
    9:34 pm

  4. OMG is she going to tweet in there? If she can’t she will have the BIGGEST WITHDRAWALS AND IT WILL BE A MAJOR TALKING POINT PLUS SHE IS OBVIOUSLY HOT. Taking notes kennel 10?

  5. Gordon
    29 Jul 13
    11:06 pm

  6. Unsubscribe – lame wannabe celebrities with no value to add to the world

  7. Ellise
    29 Jul 13
    11:34 pm

  8. I think the bio on ‘Property Manager’ Xavier Holland neglects to mention his hosting experience on Channel 31, Post Grad cert in Comms & Masters in Film Studies.

  9. Dean
    30 Jul 13
    12:01 am

  10. One way to make this show more interesting would be to leave all this human refuse inside and very slowly start filling the house with water. Maybe 2 ft per week. At the beginning drop in a single life jacket, and every now and then a weapon of some sort. Now that would be quality viewing!

  11. Mike
    30 Jul 13
    7:30 am

  12. It’s hard to know whether you watch this show like you’d watch the slo-mo of a horrendous train crash, or whether to feel pity as you watch people including presenters, humiliate themselves to the point of career self-immolation.

    And yet….pity evaporates when you consider the ugly narcissism and greed that brought everyone in front of the cameras.
    The inevitable black-hole of embarrassment is probably well deserved.

  13. Lucio
    30 Jul 13
    9:08 am

  14. Australia’s collective IQ just dropped another notch.

  15. Jess
    30 Jul 13
    9:49 am

  16. Surely having all these media people is a conflict of interest. Is Big Brother just Ch Nine’s audition room for potential future presenters now?

  17. atefooterz
    30 Jul 13
    10:08 am

  18. Tahan was overseas enjoying the high life with friends,2010, on returning to Australia was a presenter on NITV program In the Black.

  19. Groucho
    30 Jul 13
    10:57 am

  20. Oh shit, and here I was thinking the show was natural, unrehearsed, not set up, just pure reality TV for people who could spell their own name, walk upright and didn’t work in advertising.

  21. linda
    30 Jul 13
    12:52 pm

  22. Sorry guys but these BB contestants are all acting. They all have a role to play, their all performing. The show is made for TV its all put on.

  23. Larry
    30 Jul 13
    1:59 pm

  24. Have to agree Linda.

  25. offal spokesperson
    30 Jul 13
    2:35 pm

  26. Wait!.. back up there!, this is REALITY TV.


  27. Stephen
    30 Jul 13
    2:53 pm

  28. So pleased to note some of the comments here have nailed it! I’m constantly saddened by the fact that these shows continue to propagate due to the stymied intellect of those saddened individuals whose vacuous lives need garbage like this for stimulation. People please. There’s paint drying somewhere that needs watching and is more entertaining!!!

  29. Tim
    30 Jul 13
    3:36 pm

  30. Also Tahan is a TV presenter? Is that the twist? Are they all TV presenters?

  31. Joe O'Keefe Jr.
    30 Jul 13
    7:44 pm

  32. Tully is great – she worked for me at Hungry Jack’s while completing her term at Clemenger BBDO. Good luck and have fun!

  33. Rob
    30 Jul 13
    8:24 pm

  34. Well if they’re not already commercial radio presenters, there’s a good chance they will be in 2014.

  35. Dale
    30 Jul 13
    9:01 pm

  36. I think the reasoning behind not mentioning Tim as a TV and Radio host was because a) His radio show turned defunct after the Hot30 took over, which is related to the prank call scandal (Channel 9 wouldnt want any relationships to that) and b) The TV show was on a different network than WIN or Nine. I think Xavier and Tahan are in the same boat, both with some history in TV with other stations, no mention of it with Nine.

  37. Tyler
    30 Jul 13
    10:37 pm

  38. It’s actually quite amazing as to how ‘cool’ most of you think it is to hate Big Brother. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and shut up about it and leave those of us who do enjoy it alone.

  39. Chantelle
    31 Jul 13
    5:08 pm

  40. I am a huge fan of BBAU. I also auditioned this year and have to say I loved every minute of it. I made it through to the final round of the day, however did not receive a follow up email to attend another day of auditions. Like I said I love it but unfortunately, they are looking for a particular type and you must fit a certain mould. I was asked if I am the nice one, the funny one or the shy one or the bitchy one and when I said I can be all of those things, the producer was stumped as to where to slot me in. The show itself is great though. No regrets but unfortunately like any television show there is casting for a purpose and to increase ratings they have to have certain people in there, people who can at least appeal to Australia, relate to Australia and hold interesting and exciting conversation. It’s a Channel 9 television show after all :)

  41. Nick
    31 Jul 13
    6:20 pm

  42. Linda – Can’t speak for all of them but I’m friends with Tim and he’s not acting at all. He’s identical to how he is on the outside.

    Dale – Tim’s show being cancelled had nothing to do with prank call scandal. He left Southern Cross at least a year earlier.

  43. Anonymous
    21 Aug 13
    10:10 pm

  44. Love, Love Love Tim. He is awesome.