reveals two new ‘epic’ ads has launched two new advertisements in the space of a week as part of their ‘, Booking.yeah’ campaign.

The ads, by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, are the latest in a series being pushed out globally by the travel comparison site, with one showing a woman evaluating her partner’s looks based on the hotel facilities, while the second dwells on the delight that comes when finding accommodation that suits niche needs.


Mariam Chehab



  1. Ben
    10 Feb 14
    4:40 pm

  2. Brilliant!

  3. Bill
    10 Feb 14
    6:57 pm

  4. Really Ben?Brilliant.Are you sure about that?Seems like just another poorly branded generic travel site.God knows there are enough of them.

  5. Bruce
    10 Feb 14
    10:23 pm

  6. I thought it was really funny too (but please don’t yell at me for saying so. I’m too sensitive…)

  7. Bear
    11 Feb 14
    11:09 am

  8. The 30 sec – You’d never get away with describing a plump woman as a “5” and then a slimmer/more toned woman an “11”. Sexist, dumb, weird, poorly casted, and just a bad idea.

    The one minute – clever, funny, seemed relatively original and memorable.

  9. Rebecca
    11 Feb 14
    12:13 pm

  10. Can we have a moratorium on using the term “epic”, please?

  11. Steve
    11 Feb 14
    1:15 pm

  12. These ads are great. They’re entertaining and they do a good job of highlighting features people get excited about at hotels. No need to take them so seriously @Bill or @Bear – don’t seem to.

  13. DC
    11 Feb 14
    2:42 pm

  14. FYI Bear, the 60 seconder, which you do credit as clever,funny, was co-created by a talented Melbourne woman, now working with WK Amsterdam. Well done Kia.

  15. Martin Kelly
    12 Feb 14
    2:43 pm

  16. “Seems like just another poorly branded generic travel site”…. Couldn’t be more wrong on both counts. is HUGE and the people behind are very very smart.

    The brand was built over many years online and is now going with TV in most major markets.

    Really working for them here in Oz as they have usurped as most popular in terms of visits, according to Hitwise.

  17. AB
    15 Feb 14
    11:01 pm

  18. Ok, here’ something to consider: if the genders in the first ad were reversed, wouldn’t that be considered sexist?
    So if a below average overweight woman jumped into a pool and came out hot and sexy no one would say anything bad?
    Welcome to the world of double standards for sexism…

  19. Cara
    21 Feb 14
    10:09 am

  20. Of course its sexist. I would have had a slightly happier evening with it not being shoved under my nose like a smelly turd on youtube.

    Also, yes, sexism against men is just as wrong as sexism against women. Yes, I care. I came here right after seeing to it make a comment to the effect of ‘Damn, this is sexist!’

    Kindly stop assuming otherwise by complaining about double standards and automatically assuming ‘no one would say anything bad’. Especially with this advert, which somehow manages to be demeaning to everyone.