Callout for Mumbrella360 social media volunteers

Mumbrella is looking for social media volunteers who’d like a complimentary ticket to next week’s Mumbrella360 conference.

In exchange, they will be asked to follow a particular stream of the event, along with keynote sessions.

They will be free to tweet whatever they wish.

Mumbrella360 takes place next Wednesday and Thursday June 6 and 7. Organised across five streams, it features more than 200 speakers and around 60 sessions covering all aspects of media, marketing, PR, social media, digital and advertising.

Those wishing to put themselves forward should do so by emailing Mumbrella’s Cathie McGinn via, providing a link to their social media profile. Please specify whether you are available on Wednesday, Thursday or both days.

The suggested hashtag for next week’s conference is #m360

Conference details here.


  1. mumbrella
    1 Jun 12
    4:13 pm

  2. By the way, don’t worry if you get an email out of office bounceback from Cathie – she’s back in the office on Monday.


    Tim- Mumbrella

  3. Sam
    1 Jun 12
    11:06 pm

  4. anyone else think this is wrong…? not paying for staff for what is obviously a commercial venture is just plain wrong. Even when we have interns at the agency we give them a small stipend.

  5. mumbrella
    2 Jun 12
    11:31 am

  6. Hi Sam,

    I suspect that most of those who put themselves forward will already be In jobs. Certainly that was the case when we carried out this exercise last year.

    The sort of people who hope will put themselves forward are exactly
    the sort of people who may get professional and career benefits from being at the conference.

    I realize though that not all people will have succeeded in getting budget for the $1799 ticket price. (I believe it’s excellent value, but also recognize that it’s pricy.) This offers an additional opportunity to be there.

    I don’t think we’re exploiting somebody by giving them a free ticket and inviting them to tweet about whatever they want.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  7. Sam
    2 Jun 12
    11:54 pm

  8. Tim,

    My point is why not just pay them? Say $100 for the day. You’re raking in $1800 per ticket and you have i’m guessing in hundreds of attendees. I would have thought your could afford to pay some people to be your official tweeters. You may not think its exploitative, but with tickets priced so high, others may think differently. It’s just a perception thing.

    Anyway, that’s your business.. last years conference was great, looking forward to this one


  9. mumbrella
    3 Jun 12
    12:42 am

  10. Hi Sam,

    The Hilton charges us based on the number of people who attend. The cost per head for breakfast, lunch, plus morning and afternoon breaks, along with drinks on both nights comfortably exceeds the token $100 you suggest.

    There’s not a direct business case for providing these places, it just seems a good thing to do.

  11. Hi hum
    3 Jun 12
    1:28 am

  12. These people aren’t interns. Theyre social media wankers getting a day out from the agency. They don’t need pocket money Sam

  13. Shelli
    4 Jun 12
    1:45 pm

  14. I love the idea Tim and would totally be up for it if wasn’t pre booked. Tweeting/Blogging/Instagram-ing a conference is so much fun and great exposure for the people involved. Sometimes not all of the conferences I want to attend are in my “cashflow” budget and this is a perfect solution. I don’t see how old fashioned trading for services is wrong, it’s not always about “hard cash”.