Carlton Draught offers women the night off from doing their partners’ ironing

carlton draught ironing

Carlton promo girls iron shirts | Source: Imperial Hotel Facebook page

A promotion on behalf of Carlton Draught is offering drinkers’ wives and girlfriends a night off from ironing if they buy a schooner of beer.

The “Laundry Nights” promo sees Carlton Draught promo girls iron shirts for drinkers.

An email promotion sent out on behalf of the Imperial Hotel pub in Paddington, Sydney stated “Give the wife, girlfriend or partner a rest tomorrow night, because the Carlton Draught girls will be in to do your laundry (well your ironing anyway).” The pub says it did not intend the promotion – which began there last night – to be sexist.

carlton draught laundry

The Carlton Draught promotion from The Imperial

While the ad for the promotion above was prepared by the individual pub, it was based on a template provided by the brand. The Carlton Draught promo is due to take place widely over the next six weeks.

A source who was at The Imperial Hotel in Paddington yesterday told Mumbrella the staff were “the usual kind of promo girls”.

Carlton is brewed by CUB. A total of 11 promo agencies are on CUB’s roster and it is unclear which are involved in this promotion. Carlton’s creative agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne said it was not involved.

A spokesman for Paddington Pub Precinct, which represents the Imperial and eight other hotels in Paddington, told Mumbrella: “This is part of a CUB promotion that Paddington Pub Precinct has embraced to re-engage people with our heritage pubs. It’s about getting people back into the pub. Our intention was not to be sexist, and we’ll be looking in to this.”

A spokesman for CUB told Mumbrella: “As part of getting people back into pubs we’re trialling a promo which offers people the opportunity to ‘get your shirt ironed for free’. We’ve provided participating pubs with a lock up of some creative which can be used by them to encourage people to take part. We’ve seen the ways some of the venues promoted this on Facebook we reckon their words could have better reflected the fact that we all hate ironing.”

The Ad Standards Board’s rules on portrayal of women state: “Advertising or Marketing Communications shall not portray people or depict material in a way which discriminates against or vilifies a person or section of the community on account of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, disability, mental illness or political belief.

“Advertising or marketing communications should not employ sexual appeal in a manner which is exploitative and degrading of any individual or group of people.”


  1. christo
    7 Dec 12
    12:31 pm

  2. At least I now know which beer I’m *not* drinking at the pub tonight.

  3. Donnie
    7 Dec 12
    12:33 pm

  4. Where does the poster state it’s targeted at women? If it was, there would be promo *guys* not girls doing the ironing.

    This just reinforces the fantasy of the fuckwits that Carlton is targeting.

  5. ellymc
    7 Dec 12
    12:36 pm

  6. Which genius came up with this nonsense??

  7. Jen
    7 Dec 12
    12:37 pm

  8. The pub didn’t intend the promotion to be sexist? Really? Doh!

  9. P
    7 Dec 12
    12:40 pm

  10. “Give the wife, girlfriend or partner a rest tomorrow night, because the Carlton Draught girls will be in to do your laundry (well your ironing anyway).” Maybe they should have had a promo guy there doing the ironing for women too? Even though it is targetted to men, that would have stopped any complainers.

  11. groa
    7 Dec 12
    12:47 pm

  12. Am a woman, don’t iron and now looks like I also don’t drink Carlton.

  13. Dwayne
    7 Dec 12
    12:47 pm

  14. Do I bring the shirt with me or do I take it off in the pub? (‘Cause after too many Carlton Draughts I’ve got flabby man-boobs and don’t particularly want to get them out in public.)

  15. reevesy
    7 Dec 12
    1:09 pm

  16. i am pretty sure that they knew what they were doing when they opened this can of worms…

  17. Dragon
    7 Dec 12
    1:15 pm

  18. what an utter piece of crap, sexist, off target advertising!

  19. Bob
    7 Dec 12
    1:18 pm

  20. Calm down, its just a pr stunt – faux sexism to incite some media and social outrage and get the Carlton name in front of a few thousand eyeballs

  21. Elwood
    7 Dec 12
    1:22 pm

  22. This campaign was specifically targetted at Mumbrella readers so Carlton are going to be gutted with this feedback…

  23. Kate Toon Copywriter
    7 Dec 12
    1:23 pm

  24. Can I bring something else to be ironed?

    I like my pants ironed.

    Also has anyone tried putting beer in an iron?

  25. Trevor
    7 Dec 12
    1:25 pm

  26. Welcome back to 1953.

  27. Matt
    7 Dec 12
    1:28 pm

  28. C’mon people, since when do we get so sensitive? It’s a piss take on a stereotype. Let’s all calm down.

  29. shameless
    7 Dec 12
    1:29 pm

  30. boring and embarressing

  31. Sarah
    7 Dec 12
    1:36 pm

  32. Female. Beer drinker. Do not own ironing board. Thanks Carlton.

    Too many blokes in the marketing department I would suggest.

  33. Casey
    7 Dec 12
    1:37 pm

  34. The real question is who irons these days anyways? I sure don’t – my own clothes or my boyfriend’s. I don’t buy clothes that need ironing or work in wanky corporate environs that require me to wear those kind of outfits. Ironing = life fail.

  35. Steve
    7 Dec 12
    1:38 pm

  36. This is on the pub, not CUB – there’s nothing sexist about the poster at all.

  37. Red
    7 Dec 12
    1:38 pm

  38. Oh no they didn’t!

  39. DonyG
    7 Dec 12
    1:38 pm

  40. Ha! The public just likes to get outraged about something. Majority of blokes I know are single and would love to have their shirts ironed. I know a few girls who would too.

  41. uumlautstrohson
    7 Dec 12
    1:39 pm

  42. I didn’t think people in Sydney drank Carlton Draught.

    Don’t you all drink Toohey’s???

    If that’s the case then it’s probably a dud promo anyway

  43. Steve
    7 Dec 12
    1:43 pm

  44. Ps. Shouldn’t this headline read ‘Pub offers women the night off ironing as part of Carlton Draught promotion’. It’d be a little more accurate and less sensationalist. I’m sure CUB aren’t happy with this communication by the pub either.

  45. bandit
    7 Dec 12
    1:44 pm

  46. I call Shenanigans on this. Nobody could be stupid enough to think that this wouldn’t cause offence. They are just trying to get people to bite as part of the promo. There is no other explanation.

  47. SD
    7 Dec 12
    1:50 pm

  48. Everybody should bring pleats. That’ll fix ’em.

  49. Beery
    7 Dec 12
    1:55 pm

  50. I see faux-outrage is alive and well with the glass half-empty community. What’s the big deal?

  51. Beery
    7 Dec 12
    1:56 pm

  52. Did anyone get the “glass half empty” bad pun?

  53. chill out?
    7 Dec 12
    1:56 pm

  54. wow. we’re a touchy lot aren’t we?

    a beer promo targeting blokes offers them the chance to get a shirt ironed for free. seems reasonable.

    perhaps a bit cliched of the venue to suggest that most ironing is done by females, but does this constitute “discriminating/vilifying/exploiting or degrading” (as the article’s reference to the code implies?


  55. lawrence
    7 Dec 12
    1:57 pm

  56. forget putting the beer in the iron, lets just have a wet shirt competition.

  57. Mish
    7 Dec 12
    2:00 pm

  58. Was this ad campaign designed in collaboration with Tony Abbott and Alan Jones?

  59. Advocate of involvement
    7 Dec 12
    2:00 pm

  60. Groan…. People who created this campaign: Aside from your own mums, do you actually know any other women out there that iron their bloke’s shirt? CUB Brand Manager – very, very bad and sad call!

  61. Gwyneth
    7 Dec 12
    2:09 pm

  62. if I was one of those girls I’d just grab the blokes by the dick and hold it against the iron………………………if my hands weren’t too big.

  63. Noppo
    7 Dec 12
    2:16 pm

  64. Mmmmm…. Beer…..

  65. Mr Darc
    7 Dec 12
    2:17 pm

  66. “OH MY GOD! We had NO IDEA that by creating this campaign, we would be getting mountains of publicity for being sexist… which would inevitably seen by our target market… who are sexist.”

  67. Noppo
    7 Dec 12
    2:19 pm

  68. Perhaps there should be a competing offer of Free lawnmowing/spider killing/furniture relocating for all the women who buy a Midori? Would that get the same response?

  69. This is Ridiculous
    7 Dec 12
    2:32 pm

  70. I guess there’s going to be a lot of neatly pressed wife-beaters getting around Paddington.

  71. Cognitively DIssonant
    7 Dec 12
    2:48 pm

  72. Ironing is bad for the environment.

  73. Seriously?!
    7 Dec 12
    3:14 pm

  74. Wow, this is the biggest mumbrella expose and consumer outrage since Carlton Draught encouraged ‘unhygienic’ pub activities via an outdoor site talking about the only tap men use at a pub.

    Come on people, let’s all have a deep breath and get back to work vs trying to turn this in to something it is not (ie a misognist brand)

  75. I am the general public
    7 Dec 12
    3:40 pm

  76. I love it. I’d drink Carlton all night and have all my husbands shirts ironed. Pissed and ironed shirts. Win win. P.S. the reason I iron my husbands shirts in the first place is he sucks at ironing. P.S.S. he does all the cooking, I suck at cooking.

  77. Pistolbuttsatwinkle
    7 Dec 12
    4:07 pm

  78. Notice how no one is putting their hand up for this idea? How’s this for a promo?… Give me a pub that’s not full of pissed idiots who expect ‘the wife’ to iron their shirts and I’ll buy all my friends a round of Carlton Draught.

  79. pea souper
    7 Dec 12
    4:09 pm

  80. if they connect all the irons to one power board this may pose a fire risk… has anyone run through the OH&S related issues from this ad ?

  81. You just lost a loyal drinker
    7 Dec 12
    4:11 pm

  82. Drink Carlton whenever I go out an get a case a week for home. Disappointed the company has decided to paint itself as the beer of boofheads. I don’t fit that category and will have to find myself a new tipple. Disappointing.

  83. Violet Ifans
    7 Dec 12
    4:30 pm

  84. Well it’s a damn good thing that my other half doesn’t drink beer and irons his own shirts then.

    CUB, in what universe did you think this promotion wasn’t sexist? Alan Bond World, perhaps?

  85. Fun Inspector
    7 Dec 12
    4:33 pm

  86. Look, I’m all agin ugly, degrading sexism, but where has the Aussie sense of humour gone! Do lighten up gang! Have a chuckle, and if it offends talk with your pocket – drink XXXX instead! There’s a challenge!

    Now, what’s something the blokes could do? Oh yeah, good at BBQing aren’t they! From a 70 year old Grannie!

  87. Blue
    7 Dec 12
    4:36 pm


    The promo we see in the image in the story only seems to mention the girls doing ironing in the notes, unless I’m mistaken? It’s not on the actual poster at all.

  89. I've got nothing better to do on a Friday
    7 Dec 12
    4:55 pm

  90. Buy a beer get your shirt ironed for free! Who likes ironing likes ironing? Nobody. That’s why we have laundry mats. Are we outraged if they employ women to do this? No. Get a grip everyone. Mumbrella desperately low on actual newsworthy stories this Friday me thinks. Well done Carlton for not giving away some cheap rubbish nobody wants, like so many others.

    I’ll raise a glass (and then someone iron my husbands shirt) to Anyone actually trying to inject some life back into our Sydney pubs.

  91. Dude
    7 Dec 12
    5:20 pm

  92. What does the CUB “Women in Marketing” group think about this?

  93. Shiraz drinker
    7 Dec 12
    5:23 pm

  94. Only problem is, after a night on the beer any shirts that had been ironed won’t look it by the time they get home.

    Lighten up folks, there’s enough real sexism out there to get upset about.

  95. The K
    7 Dec 12
    5:35 pm

  96. Are we saying every time there is a picture of 2 people, 1 needs to be male and 1 female?
    Both of them also look to be white, should I be offended by this too?
    Relax people.

  97. Ian Ellis
    7 Dec 12
    5:37 pm

  98. ‘…didn’t intend it to be sexist’. If you shoot someone in the head then say ‘I didn’t intend to kill him’, how many people would that convince? It IS sexist, and there is no alternate explanation. If CUB had said “We can’t help being sexist.”, on the other hand, most aware people would nod in agreement.

  99. George Pell
    7 Dec 12
    5:49 pm

  100. @I am the general public – limit one per customer. I seriosuly cannot imagine any bloke taking his shrt off to have it ironed in a pub. I also can’t imagine anything stupider than this stunt.

  101. Scotty
    7 Dec 12
    6:46 pm

  102. The new VB.
    On the back of the Carlton Dry work it may be time for a change.
    Lion must be laughing.

  103. Mimi
    7 Dec 12
    7:14 pm

  104. More than anything, I’m worried about the quality of the ironing offered.. are these girls professional pressers?? As the state of the shirts on the girls in the photos are terrible- creased AND wrinkled. I wouldn’t waste money on a schooey of Carlton for a badly ironed shirt…

  105. I hate ironing
    7 Dec 12
    8:43 pm

  106. I think the whole point of this promotion is that people (both men and women) generally dislike ironing, and if given the chance would like someone else to do it for them… I don’t believe there is anything fundamentally wrong with the premise behind the promotion but I agree that it’s execution by the venue in question could have been better… But irrespective of this, I just don’t see how any of this discriminates against or vilifies women… And it is certainly not misogynistic (which by definition is the hatred of women)…

  107. Liam
    7 Dec 12
    9:04 pm

  108. Usually love the Carlton ads – but this has taken them down a notch in my books

  109. Katherine
    7 Dec 12
    10:34 pm

  110. How annoying, Carlton is the cheapest at my local pub. Gutted I’m gonna have to fork out more for a beer that isn’t marketed by complete dicksplashes…. I guess now I know why it’s so cheap.

  111. Chris
    7 Dec 12
    11:45 pm

  112. And the most obnoxious comment goes to …Casey! Well done

  113. peta
    10 Dec 12
    11:05 am

  114. Did a client actually sign this off!

  115. chuck
    10 Dec 12
    11:54 am

  116. Well I’m glad the poster has crop marks.
    How else would we know how to trim it with our eyes when it’s displayed online?

  117. Steaming
    10 Dec 12
    10:42 pm

  118. Sadly, many men are institutionally sexist. We need to change perspectives and the advertising industry can lead the charge.

  119. Willie
    11 Dec 12
    4:18 pm

  120. To be frank, I”m kind of sick of people saying ‘lighten up’ when this crap gets out there. I don’t think it’s funny, and what’s more, Carlton used to have such great ads and I thought it was really marketing itself as a beer for the people – not the losers. Well, I won’t be buying another single drop of the stuff, or anything else CUB puts out for that matter. There are too many great beers in Australia that DON’T resort to such marketing tactics, and I’d choose them instead any day.

    Oh, and CUB, women drink beer too, and it never, ever pays to reinforce the outdated ideas of the lowest common denominator.

  121. Willie
    11 Dec 12
    4:23 pm

  122. Oh, and I thought Casey’s comment was pretty spot on! Ironing is just mind-numbingly boring. Good enough reason to eliminate it from the to-do list.