Carnival Australia gets tactical around Christchurch ‘big things’ tourism campaign

Mayor Parker and Carnival CEO Ann Sherry

Cruise ship line Carnival has created a tactical ad to piggyback a campaign launched a fortnight ago to bring Australians back to quake-hit Christchurch.

The ad is a direct response to the Mayor of Christchurch Bob Parker’s bid to borrow some of Australia’s ‘big things‘ in a campaign for Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism, created by Iris Sydney.

A video features company CEO Ann Sherry explaining that if Mayor Parker can get hold of one big Aussie icon – either the Big Banana, the Giant Shrimp, Pineapple or Merino – then she will ship it over courtesy of Carnival.    

“You want the Big Merino, you want the Big Pineapple, you want the Big Prawn…if you can get one of those, I will bring it to you on one of our big cruise ships,” Sherry said in the video, which was produced inhouse.


  1. Jaqui Lane
    10 Oct 12
    2:20 pm

  2. Great idea, fun, engaging and I hate to think about what other BIG things people can come up with that we want to get rid of permanently. As to ship loads of Aussies—could easily be mis-understood as sh*t loads of Aussies. Now there’s a thought.

  3. Mal Jago
    10 Oct 12
    2:31 pm

  4. Great idea !

  5. A
    11 Oct 12
    7:45 am

  6. I like that the CEO was up for this and I get it. But maybe if she presented this in another forum that would spark publicity – one of those breakfast shows or something. Or went straight to New Zealand and presented the offer to Bob. But Kudos to the Ann.

  7. Wil
    11 Oct 12
    12:17 pm

  8. Christchurch already had THE BIG EARTHQUAKE. What more do they want?

  9. Juicy
    11 Oct 12
    12:48 pm

  10. Ummm… actually, wasn’t produced inhouse… was produced by us at :-)