Chrissie Swan is the new host of Can of Worms

Chrissie Swan has been announced as the new host of Ten’s Can of Worms.

The Mix 101.1 DJ replaces Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson who publicly sacked himself as host, but remained in place as co-executive producer on the Zapruder’s Other Films-made show.

Production of the show will remain in Sydney, with Swan commuting from Melbourne to front the show.

Co-executive producers, Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby from Zapruder’s other films, said in a statement: “Audiences love Chrisse because they know that, with her, they are getting a real person. We think she is the perfect choice to take Can of Worms further into uncharted territory and we can’t wait to get started.”

Ten’s programming chief David Mott added: “We have been looking for just the right person to host Can of Worms. Chrissie is the perfect fit for a show that tackles topics that are rarely discussed openly and that will get the nation talking.”

“This year, Can of Worms will push the boundaries even further. It will discuss ever more robust topics and engage in deeper conversations with a view to evoking the honest truth from Australians. It’s a show not to be missed,” he said.

Can of Worms debuted with an audience of 930,000 a year ago, but slipped to around 800,000 as the series progressed.

A Ten press release describes Can of Worms as “not a program interested in political correctness or pulling punches. Its premise is simple: celebrity guests on the panel have to give their opinion, and there’s no sitting on the fence.”


  1. Evan
    20 Jul 12
    11:06 am

  2. “The perfect choice?” says Zapruder. Never mind the fact that they asked about 20 other people to host the show first, but no-one wanted to touch it. Evan Paul Henry was ahead of Swan, but Ten wisely vetoed him.

  3. The Internetz
    20 Jul 12
    11:18 am

  4. I thought she quit The Circle to spend more time with her kids? With the need to commute between Melb and Syd for the role, this doesn’t sound like the work/life balance she was hoping to achieve!?

    Just a thought. Good luck otherwise Ten. The show always seemed like a a younger, plastic version of Q&A.

  5. shell
    20 Jul 12
    1:00 pm

  6. In what universe would thinking people be interested in the opinions of ‘celebrities’?

  7. Offal Spokesperson
    20 Jul 12
    1:04 pm

  8. Wow.. im not sure if i should be embarrassed..but ive never heard of can of worms?

  9. rob
    20 Jul 12
    2:36 pm

  10. problem with Can of Worms was it was too PC, too left.

    For a show that promised real opinions, uncensored, it was awfully, awfully predictable. Like the opinions on The Project.

    Chuck a conservative in there to mix it up for once.

  11. rob
    20 Jul 12
    2:39 pm

  12. The Internetz, Q@A is a plastic (ie. fake) version of a real opinion show.
    It can’t be authentic if it’s basically a panel of people agreeing with each other (and the host), with a token lone sucker conned into being castigated every week because he doesn’t believe we should take 20 million refugees, or bow down and take one from Bob Brown etc…

  13. Dabug
    20 Jul 12
    3:06 pm

  14. Hopefully they do some big revamping, with plenty of box pops. The attraction is to hear the extremist comments and the great stories. The comments from the panel were slow and often boring. Good luck though Chrissy. I think you’re great.

  15. Mrs Woog
    20 Jul 12
    3:14 pm

  16. I am looking forward to watching Chrissie Swan take on this role. I think she will be brilliant.

  17. BrettD
    20 Jul 12
    4:52 pm

  18. So where does this leave Meshel Laurie?