Coopers ad comes to life after dark

A new billboard execution for a beer brand has been created to be only visible at night.

The ad for Coopers Dark Ale comes to life in the evening with comic book style artwork and carries the tagline “Life after dark”.

Designed and executed by KWP! Advertising Adelaide, the ad by day is just a white billboard with an image of the Dark Ale bottle.

The artwork is created by Pose (MSK) a street artist and illustrator from Chicago and uses luminous UV paint to bring the collage to life.

The Life After Dark campaign also includes a three-part video series as well as social, digital and print executions.

Client: Coopers
Agency: Kwp! Advertising Adelaide
Creative Director: James Rickard
Creative Team: Matt Minear, Michael Gagliardi
Media Team: Natalie Morley, Catherine Paglia, Nick Ryder
Account Team: Lucy Noblet, John Baker
Production Team: Micky Grant, Nic How, Peter Jones (SignStyle)
Artist: Pose (MSK)
Finished Art: Jodie Kunze
Client Team: Glenn Cooper, Claire Filsell, Rachel Cooper-Casserly, Joel Shean, Shana Kenny
Videography: Dan Peters
Sound Engineer: Scott Illingworth (Best FX)


  1. The Accountant
    27 Jul 12
    5:17 pm

  2. So for the sake of a gimmick, you have a billboard that looks shithouse for half the day. Bravo advertising, bravo.

    And the QR code is really the cherry on top – its so easy to do when people are driving along!

  3. Matthew
    29 Jul 12
    9:15 pm

  4. I think this is a great concept, and will definitely appeal to Coopers target market. Well done.

  5. Jeff
    31 Jul 12
    2:48 pm

  6. Scanning QR Codes whist driving is really dangerous mate.
    Not to mention difficult at the best of times.