Dangi Fever goes global

Dr Mumbo must admit he didn’t fall in love with Nova’s stunt to bring the world’s shortest man to Australia and the ensuing “Dangi fever”.

But it has brought international headlines for the Fitzy & Wippa breakfast show, not least in the LA Times.

dangi fever la times

(Hat-tip: @Rove)


  1. Matthew Gain
    17 May 12
    8:11 am

  2. Good. The Americans will think we’ve updated our fashion slightly since the demise of Steve Irwin…

  3. Tosser
    17 May 12
    8:18 am

  4. how far did they manage to throw him?

  5. bob is a rabbit
    17 May 12
    9:31 am

  6. All I can say is I hope he got his payday.