Devondale rebrands

new logo

old logo

Dairy brand Devondale has unveiled a rebrand that celebrates “the ingenuity at the heart of Australia’s largest dairy company”.

The new logo features a cow and the slogan, ‘The Aussie farmer co-op’.

According to the release, ‘the updated Devondale logo embodies the unique nature of the organization, with its farmers at the fore supporting a new-look Devondale cow – an image long associated with the Devondale brand’.

Suzanne Douglas GM of innovations, marketing and special projects said: “Devondale is an iconic Australian brand which is 100% owned by Aussie farmer families. We aim to return the Devondale brand to its rightful place as the leading dairy brand in this country. The packaging re-launch is the first step in modernizing our brand and making it more relevant to the everyday lives of today’s Australians”.


  1. Who me bitter?
    21 Sep 12
    4:38 pm

  2. Modernising the brand? 1 step forward and 4 steps backward more like it.

    This is a shame, right down to the ‘crowning glory’ of the dandelion being chewed in the cow’s mouth.

    I’d like to see the strategy – or any semblance of robust reasoning – why this retrograde step was seen as necessary.

    Shame on you GM of Innovation.

  3. Ingmar Peldt
    24 Sep 12
    8:05 am

  4. Amazing! I love old-style graphics, films, cartoons and books too…but would never inflict them on my clients, being in the business of helping them with their branding and ads, whatever the medium. This is a complete disaster; even the previous was a completely outdated joke. But this new one? Yike! It shrieks ‘Look at how outdated I am, how irrelevant to day’s consumer!

  5. Speaking of Cheese
    24 Sep 12
    10:20 am

  6. I have to go to Woolies now to buy Mainland Cheese. Cole’s has stopped stocking it and their replacement is not as tasty :(

    As for this campaign, I don’t mind the new logo?

  7. Anonymous
    24 Sep 12
    1:48 pm

  8. Cartoon graphics of yokel ol cow. How does promote ingenuity? Not sure if the GM of innovation is really living up to her title!