Dylan Taylor leaves BMF

BMF managing partner Dylan Taylor has left the agency after eight years.

Taylor, a DM specialist who contributed to the agency’s decade as one of the most respected in Australia, was executive creative director before he took on the managing partner role in November.

He said in a statement: “I have enjoyed my time at BMF immensely, however time is the enemy of us all and it feels like the right moment for me to pursue other opportunities. I wish everyone at BMF continued success, it is a great agency.”

Jeremy Nicholas, BMF’s CEO, said “Dylan has made an indelible contribution to the agency and the industry over his eight years here. All of the BMF family wish him the very best in the future.”

BMF client director Stephen McArdle will step up to managing partner. He joined in February from London agency CHI & Partners.

Chris Kay who was promoted in November  when Martin Rippon left continues as the other managing partner in the Sydney office while BMF this week named Ricci Meldrum as managing partner in Melbourne.


  1. Keeping score
    23 Jun 12
    12:52 pm

  2. The talent drain out of that place over the last twelve months is nothing short of alarming. And not just the creatives either. History would infer that the cconsequences of allowing such a thing to continue to happen, either by inaction or design, will be severe. Such a shame for a once-great beacon of creativity in Oz. And, unless I missed something, no lions this year either. Not even a finalist? Or did I miss one? In any event, hardly the showing you’d expect from an agency once ranked 3rd in the world for direct. All the signs are there, should you care to read them. Time to divest yourself of photon shares, should you be mad enough to hold them.

  3. @ Keeping score
    23 Jun 12
    3:20 pm

  4. Settle down, are you an ex-employee?

  5. Keeping score
    23 Jun 12
    5:31 pm

  6. Actually yes 3:20, i am. But you’re talking a long time ago ( 4+ years FWIW). I count myself a supporter of th agency, i loved my tome there, as most ex BMFers do/did, which is why I find this rapid spiralling of the drain concerning. As they should too.

  7. fleshpeddler
    23 Jun 12
    9:30 pm

  8. Keeping score….are you in New Zealand by any chance?

  9. @ Keeping score
    24 Jun 12
    7:19 am

  10. Well, then you’d know that your negative rant doesn’t help those still there.

  11. Keeping score
    24 Jun 12
    12:04 pm

  12. 7:19

    On re-reading perhaps that was a mite negative. Think of it as equivalent to my level of concern. A level of concern no-one I know at the agency (granted thats a rapidly diminishing number) seems to share. I suppose they know something I don’t? Then again, perspective can one times be hard to leverage when you’re hip deep in something.

    I’m sure many of the new people are talented bods, but when you look at who has walked out the door in the last year alone, there are some really big names. Key people. People who have been largely responsible or winning all the gongs. That cannot happen with some level of damage. Add to that an uncustomary lean year at Cannes, and other big shows, and it’s not a pretty picture. Then there’s this ‘two party preferred’ agency model. What the? It feels to me that a place that I do truly admire is heading rapidly toward a wall.

    Pull up BMF, for god sake pull up now!

  13. @ Keeping score
    24 Jun 12
    4:38 pm

  14. I suppose they do know something you don’t.

  15. Nicole
    25 Jun 12
    5:24 pm

  16. Dylan Taylor is a great guy and has mentored a lot of pople in the industry. This article should be reposted as people may not have read this on Friday.late pm. all the best Dylan.