Enjoy a Coke called Pepsi

Remember last week’s launch of personalised Coca Cola cans?

Being naturally curious, Dr Mumbo wondered whether you can get a Coke can named Pepsi.

Turns out their computers are set to block it. But there is a way of beating the system.

pepsi_cokeFirst, talk very nicely to the staff on duty at the personalisation machines.

coke_personalisationSecond, insert a random character before the word Pepsi.

pepsi_cokeNeed some minor – and indeed pointless – brand subversion? Dr Mumbo’s your man.


  1. Devil's advocaat
    10 Oct 11
    9:44 am

  2. I’ll give $100 to the first person to get “diabetes” written on one.

  3. Groucho
    10 Oct 11
    10:26 am

  4. And another $100 for ‘Dental Caries’ Of course its a real name.

  5. Patrick
    10 Oct 11
    10:34 am

  6. My family actually discussed this around the Sunday roast yesterday (congratulations Dr Mumbo for infiltrating my family’s rituals). I don’t why Coke would block it: the story that they’re petty is more damaging than the story that you can go to a lot of pointless trouble just to mock them. Still can’t find a Patrick bottle.

  7. Praise@10:34
    10 Oct 11
    2:21 pm

  8. Patrick – good bloody point mate. How petty is that!

  9. Matt
    10 Oct 11
    3:18 pm

  10. I still can’t find a Matt one… And that’s the main TVC running… Go figure!!

  11. Mary
    11 Oct 11
    1:42 pm

  12. Why would one company put the trademarked name of another on their product?

    Um hello legal issues, promoting the other brand and I hardly think Pepsi would want their name on their opposition’s product!

  13. Heather Murphy
    12 Oct 11
    2:05 pm

  14. Hilarious!

  15. L Carney
    12 Oct 11
    2:53 pm

  16. This is the best marketing idea I have seen in years, everywhere I go people are talking about it (not the rather unimaginative person who thought he would write Pepsi on a coke can as if that is the height of originality and satire) but the names on the drinks idea. Coke should be applauded for actually doing something imaginative and unique. Where so much modern marketing is derivative and dull this is truly a groundbreaking idea, thought of in Australia and likely to be adopted by the US arm of the company in their summer if it succeeds here. Gotta love it when Australia does something groundbreaking in any field.

  17. John
    12 Oct 11
    5:36 pm

  18. Really? Best marketing idea you’ve seen in years, L Carney? Not sure I agree, and I think the execution on the cans and bottles is clumsy…enough to make a typographer barf, in fact.

  19. Ben Tree
    22 Oct 11
    3:42 pm

  20. Tried this afternoon to do Mr(surname) and Mrs(surname) with my partner but they wouldn’t allow it. Staff said they were going to get in trouble.